Head (and data) in the cloud

Most police executives should by now be familiar with the concept of “the cloud.” That is, using the Internet to store and access information, including e-mail, files, images and video, and so on. The question for them, however, is: Should police...

Evaluating this type of threat is just one step administrators must take. Policy, while an important next step, is not the last. Administrators must also plan to train employees, in terms that are easy to understand, about threats and how to prevent compromise. Cloud use for law enforcement data storage and access can save money, improve productivity and interagency information sharing, and make IT operations easier and more efficient. But it is not without risks and challenges. Agencies need to look at it from many angles.

Making the transition may actually be easier than administrators anticipate, as cloud use has been an integral part of law enforcement for many years. Decide what you want to put on the cloud, how it will improve your operations and the risks. Then, develop the appropriate olicies, training and procedures for use. That way your data will be in the cloud, but your head will stay firmly grounded in reality.

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