Cold hits

In Missouri, the Kansas City Police Department’s (KCPD’s) cold case squad and crime laboratory, with the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, form a winning team. All three have been awarded National Institute of Justice DNA grants. Since January...

About 55,000 DNA samples are stored in the lab today. Given the small size of a DNA swab, storage isn’t a big problem. Netzel estimates the crime laboratory has room to store two to three more years worth of DNA samples before the maximum freezer storage capacity has been reached. By then, the crime laboratory is expected to move into a new laboratory, funded with a 25-cent sales tax increase.

To specifically address the backlog of sex crimes, Folsom estimates two to three years of work remain. The former Sex Crimes Cold Case Squad was not among those named as grant recipients in 2010, but Folsom says KCPD remains hopeful and has again applied for funding.

So far, he says: “I’m proud of the job we’ve done here.”


Rebecca Kanable is a freelance writer specializing in law enforcement topics. She can be reached at
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