Sharpen your skillset

Enforcement Expo Las Vegas is gearing up to provide law enforcement professionals with an array of free continuing education classes Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Offering nearly 40 free sessions, the event provides some much-needed relief to budget strapped departments across the country. Highlights of this year’s conference program include a variety of classes for all levels of law enforcement, along with a selection of specialized management classes.

Active shooter threats

An important focus for law enforcement should be planning, preparing and training for active shooter threats of all types — single-perpetrator, hostage siege and swarm assaults. Don Alwes, lead instructor for the National Tactical Officers Association, will present “Active Shooter.” This popular class will describe active shooter response tactics ranging from single officers to squad-size units, with details on the equipment and training required. Alwes will also cover the Beslan and Mumbai attacks in an analysis of lessons learned.

The drug trade

Another session, “Mexican Drug Cartels and U.S. Gang Affiliations,” educates attendees about the seven major Mexican drug cartels and their links with Mexican-American gangs. Speaker William Majors, an expert in the Gang Crimes Bureau/Gang Crimes Section of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, will describe areas of operation in Mexico, narcotic trade routes into the U.S. and Mexican and U.S. government responses.

Tactics behind the wheel

Officer safety is an ever-present concern among departments, and several sessions address this important issue. In “Driving Survival — Tactical Driving Skills for Emergency Responders,” Chuck Deakins of FAAC Inc. will teach officers driving strategies and tactics they can use during emergency responses.

Today’s technology

Keeping up with the latest technology lets officers streamline certain tasks and increase efficiency. In the session “Mobile Computing Devices for Law Enforcement — Transforming the Workplace for Improved Efficiency,” they can learn about current and evolving uses of mobile computing devices (smartphones and tablets) by law enforcement. The session will cover direct, mobile access to records management systems, the ability to identify suspects with biometrics, receiving alerts and notifications, photographs, video surveillance and other capabilities.

Management sessions

Responding to departments’ needs for more high level classes, these sessions appeal to the needs of mid to upper-level management and deal with topics regarding funding, media, staff, purchasing, technology and more.