Kel-Tec PMR30: The World's Most Coveted Rimfire?

Once we’ve graduated to full-bore, centerfire pistols and self-loading black rifles, .22 rimfire pistols don’t exactly blow our skirts up. I’m with you one that one. Or at least I was until recently.

What’s so special about a .22 Win. Mag. pistol?  First of all, the number such designs can be counted on one hand without using the thumb.   The AMT Automag II was the last one to make any waves. 

Besides whacking water bottles, what good is the .22 Win. Mag. cartridge?  Well, many moons ago it was the go to round for varmints and pest animals.  From a duty standpoint it seems to be an ideal varmint/pest gun.  The pistol is relatively inexpensive and made with corrosion resistant materials.  Think trunk storage.

The .22 Win Mag load, when represented by such quality ammunition as the CCI Maxi-Mag poses a minimal over-penetration hazard but has the potential to put down varmints from coyote size on down if the bullets are placed in the right area.

Finally, when I used the term “coveted” earlier, I wasn’t overstating the issue.  As is all too common with Kel-Tec’s new firearms, demand has outpaced production at least at this writing.  If you run across a PMR-30 at your local shop or at a gun show you’d do well to pick it up; it won’t last long.    Until the next go ‘round, keep shooting straight and shooting safe.

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Mr. Markel  is a former United States Marine, Police Officer, and has worked as a professional bodyguard both in the U.S. and overseas. A Subject Matter Expert on Small Arms and Tactics, Markel has provided instruction to law enforcement and U.S. Military troops.

As a recognized author and writer, Paul has penned several hundred articles published in numerous professional journals and trade periodicals. Topics include firearms training, use of force, marksmanship, less-than-lethal force options, product reviews and evaluations, emergency medical care, and much more. Sought after as a public speaker, Mr. Markel is at home in front of an audience large or small.

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