Chaplain: Exciting Wellness News!

Recently my wife and I received a brochure from our church insurance program. In bold, multi-colored letters it proclaimed EXCITING WELLNESS NEWS! Our insurance staff wanted us to know that all the participants in the program, both employees and spouses, are eligible to participate in wellness initiatives. The steps we are to follow were carefully outlined. First, we are to complete a confidential biometric screening that will report test results of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, body mass, etc. Following that we are to complete a confidential online health assessment. The third and most important step is to select and complete a wellness program. Then, the final step is to have an annual physical examination. There is strong motivation to participate and complete these wellness initiatives. The incentives are attractive. I am quite confident that my wife and I will participate because of them.

The topic of wellness is huge in the health insurance industry these days. I am aware that there are several companies and organizations that are offering incentives to their employees to participate in wellness programs. What many have discovered is that it is more economical to offer incentives for wellness than to pay the costs incurred because of illness.

With all the emphasis on physical wellness, I am curious about why there is not similar emphasis on spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. We are not compartmentalized individuals. It is well documented that, when we are in poor spiritual or emotional health, frequently that is manifested in physical illness.

I challenge you to ask yourself some very probing questions:

  • What am I doing to invest in my spiritual well-being?
  • Have I hurt someone close to me and have yet to reconcile?
  • Am I carrying unresolved grudges that linger and fester beneath the surface of the persona I portray toward those around me?
  • Do I allow habits, behaviors and attitudes that are destructive and self-defeating to still control my well being?

Years ago I read a book the title of which was something like There is a Lot More to Health Than Not Being Sick. The investment you make in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness will reap great dividends - for you and for those you love!