Help a Sniper

You can't do your job without proper equipment. Neither can they.

As we turned the calendar to 2011, had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped more than 750 units. In 2007, The National Defense Industrial Association awarded the Carlos N. Hathcock II Award to What this band of dedicated cops has accomplished on a shoe-string budget is truly amazing. Operating as a 501c3, they constantly seek donations of both money and gear. Individuals, businesses, or anyone who wishes to help our soldiers win the war on terror can go to the organization's website: or contact Doug Bourdo,, phone: (262)287-8043.

Don't have enough money to give a large amount? No problem. Here are some items you can donate that will make a difference: all types of batteries, including AAs, 123A 3-volt Lithium; and DL13N - Duracell - a little larger than watch battery size, body armor, illumination tools, Blackhawk Strike gear, gloves, goggles, carabineers, and comfort items such as powdered hot chocolate, baby wipes, Chapstick, and film.

Dig deep and Stay Safe, brothers and sisters!

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