Beretta CX4 Carbine

A rifle that takes pistol magazines and ammo.

Zeroing the weapons proved easy. Recoil was so light that the officers expressed surprise. The difference in point-of-aim/point-of-impact from seven yards to fifty yards was less than two inches. That was with a Beretta CX4 in .40S&W using Federal HydraShok 165g JHP ammo. One shooter used a BSA red dot optic while another used an EOTech 522. With either of them, once zeroed, the shooters were able to put out accurate shots (head shots) from rest to shoulder to fire in less than two seconds. The mechanical function of the weapon is almost identical to the PX4 pistol.

Accuracy was good. From a bench-rested position, multiple shooters were able to put out ten-shot slow fire groups that measured less than two inches from the fifty yard line. One shooter--a former Marine and accomplished marksman--put out a ten-shot, one-hole group that measured just under 1.5". I was impressed.

Again, while this wouldn't be my first choice in a "patrol rifle" as an option to a handgun in longer range situations, this is definitely an acceptable option. The ability to use the same magazines in both pistol and carbine is handy. The administrative ease of "selling" such a non-aggressive looking weapon to city or county councils is another selling point. The ease of training and comfort of handling is another. All in all, it's an excellent long gun option where true patrol rifles aren't practical for whatever reason.


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