Preparing for the Written

The written exam is the most important part of the testing process, because if you fail this exam there is no tomorrow.

  • Sit away from a window and do not sit next to a friend, as this may prove to be distractive.
  • Do not take stimulants, such as "No-Doz" or excessive caffeine, as they may cause a loss of alertness or a mental "crash."
  • Read the directions of the exam completely. It is very important that you follow these directions, because failure to do so may cause you to be disqualified or fail the exam; various studies have demonstrated that oftentimes a poor test taker has a tendency to misread the directions and jump to conclusions.
  • Know ahead of time if points are deducted for unanswered questions. If they are considered wrong answers, be sure to answer all of them, even if you have to guess.
  • Be aware of your time schedule; don't stay on one question for a long period of time. If you are not sure of an answer, move on and if you have time at the end of your exam, return to the question and any others that may have caused you a problem.
  • Always work the easy questions first, and then return to the difficult questions; this is also true for the essay questions.
  • Remain confident and positive; just because you don't know one or two answers is not the end of the world. These exams are developed to push your knowledge. You are not expected to obtain 100%!
  • If you complete your exam early, don't rush out of the facility. Instead, use this time to review your questionable answers.
  • DO NOT READ INTO THE QUESTIONS. Answer the question the way it is written. All too often we analyze way too much and soon lose the intent of the original question.
  • Know how to properly answer the exam questions. Do you circle the answer or the letter, or do you fill in the blank?
  • Pay attention to important terms when reading the question, such as "most," "not," "best," "opposite," "may," or "shall."
  • Use sound reasoning techniques. Think through the questions but, again, don't over analyze!

Good luck! You're on the right track.

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