Surviving Being Shot

Thanks to the advancement of emergency medical techniques and care under fire in Iraq and Afghanistan many of our nation's military personnel are surviving wounds that in prior wars would have been fatal. These advancements in trauma care are now...

QuickClot is one of the new products that has come out over the last several years and has been proven successful in combat whether military or civilian police. QuickClot is classified as a blood clotting agent. Simply put, when QuickClot is directly applied to a bleeding wound, even if to a major artery, it can successfully clot the blood and slow or stop the bleeding . Manufactured by Z-Medica, QuickClot has the widest distribution of any such agent on the market. According to Z-Medica representatives, over one million units of QuickClot are now in the hands of our nation's military, police and emergency medics.

QuickClot is simple to use. The user should blot the excess blood off the wound and then pour the agent directly onto the bleeding wound or blood vessel. A trauma dressing or towel is held over the product until bleeding stops. The early version of QuickClot had a heat spike of about 150 degrees and could burn the medic's unprotected hand if a trauma dressing or similar was not used. The newest development from Z-Medica is QuickClot 1st Response® and ACS+® (Advanced Clotting Sponge). These products have reduced the heat issue completely. According to Z-Medica, both are used by opening the package and then packing the self-contained sponge directly into the wound. The QuickClot packages can be easily carried, as can a small trauma dressing, in the thigh pockets of an officer's BDU-type pants.

Listen to these words of advice from the United States Marine Corps based on combat experience in Iraq:

"The new "Quick Clot" bandage has proven very effective in saving lives. All medical personnel should be trained on how to use them. Corpsman and medical units not equipped with "Quick Clot" bandages should order some now. Realistically, all personnel should be trained on how to use the "Quick Clot" bandage and be trained in basic life saving first aid."

You Can Survive

Several years ago, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Stacy Lim was set upon off-duty by carjackers outside her own home while returning from a softball game. Shot through the chest at close range with a .357 Magnum, Lim was able to return fire, shooting her attacker multiple times. Soon collapsing at the end of her driveway, Officer Lim was taken to the emergency room. Stacy went was brought back to life three times after her heart stopped. During the time in the emergency room, she received 101 units of blood. Despite damage to her heart, spleen and other internal organs, she credits her training from the LAPD for her survival.

Despite being shot at five feet, Stacy stayed on her feet and won the gunfight. Although she knew she was shot, she made the mental decision to deal with the hurt later and win the gun battle now.

We can learn and apply the lessons of our military in Iraq as well as the heroic story of Stacy Lim. We can survive being shot, we can survive trauma to our system, as long as our fighting will to win stays strong. Condition your mind as well as your body. Check out QuickClot products. Talk to a local paramedic and receive basic trauma first aid training. Empower and equip yourself to win!

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