Which Vehicles are Fastest?

Each fall, the Michigan State Police conduct in-depth testing of the coming year's police package vehicles.

In the special service category, the results were spread out a little more. The first two test brackets were taken by the Ford Explorer 4.6 liter, with the Dodge Magnum 3.5 liter tying with the Ford Expedition models for second place. The Dodge Magnum 3.5 liter took the rest of the test brackets (from 0-40 mph up to 0-100 mph), with the Ford Explorer and the Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD splitting the second place honors. The fastest special service vehicle was the Dodge Magnum 3.5 liter, at 116 mph, while the Ford Expedition 5.4 liter came in second, at 104 mph. Two vehicles topped out at less than 100 mph; the Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD at 98 mph and the Ford F-250 5.4 liter, at 95 mph.

High speed vehicle dynamics testing was limited to the general purpose vehicles, as it usually is. The score here is the average time for four different drivers on five laps of the Grattan track (for a total of 20 laps per vehicle). Here again, the Dodge vehicles grabbed top honors, with the Dodge Magnum 5.7 liter coming in with an average time of 1:37.65, and the Dodge Charger 5.7 liter a close second at 1:37.69.

Something new this year was a pilot testing program with police motorcycles. Both Harley Davidson and BMW brought bikes for consideration. The testing isn't formalized, but serious consideration is being given for next year's tests.

More detailed results of the testing can be downloaded from the Michigan State Police website. The results are still in their preliminary stages, but final reports of the full results should be available soon.

The Michigan State Police have a proud tradition of excellence, and these tests are a great benefit to the law enforcement community. The fact that the results are acknowledged as the benchmark by agencies across the country is proof enough of the enormous service provided by MSP to cops everywhere.

Stay safe, and wear your vest!

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