Terror At Beslan

Learning life's lessons so we don't repeat mistakes.

"Where do you think all those great FBI agents, CIA intelligence officers, Green Berets, Secret Service Agents and international experts came from? They are all part of--and at one time were nothing more than--the average citizenry. There is no greater resource in the world than Americans. I often lament the loss of certain characteristics of American society found in eras like World War II; before our society indulged its puritanical need to quantify and credential everything to the point where you can't do a workout without either an expert trainer or a master's degree in exercise physiology. In the 1940s we drew our courageous Smoke Jumpers--men who would parachute into a raging forest fire with nothing more than a shovel and neckerchief--from college kids looking for summer work. Our military, in a time of great need, did not hesitate to give direct commissions to common citizens who could contribute to the war effort."

Think about that. And additionally think about this: How many of the citizens in YOUR community are prior military service veterans? Retired cops? Firemen? Paramedics, etc? To deny using them irrationally limits your ability to respond most efficiently.

Because of the specific applicability of the section on "Preparing A Tactical Response" to uniformed operators, I'll skip it here and move on to "How Great The Threat." I quote from the book, Page 374 & 375:

"The problem up until now is that to most Americans--despite all of the terror attacks on our fellow citizens, on our property, and despite 9-11--the very notion of Islamic extremists coming here to kill us remains a distant and unrealistic thought. The average person does not get up every day and seriously contemplate that the bridge he is about to drive across on his way to work, or the office building he is about to walk into, the mall or restaurant she will have lunch in, the school or day care her children will merrily clamor into that morning, may well be the target of a terrorist attack."

"Few Americans have any substantive knowledge of the history of Islam, and the growth of modern radical extremist Muslim groups in the modern world. For if they did, they would see a direct and incontrovertible path of violence headed in our direction, not unlike the visible trail of a missile as it soars unerringly toward a great jet airplane flying so far above the fray that it does not think to look for threats racing toward its soft underbelly."

Think about that.

As should be obvious from all of the above commentary, I believe that Mr. John Giduck's book Terror At Beslan is a must-read publication for not just those who serve in a uniform, but every American citizen who is willing to acknowledge the threat of and take up arms against terrorists. Failing to educate ourselves; failing to work together, train and plan...FAILING to prepare as necessary is the equivalent of offering our children up on a platter to the wholesale slaughter by Islamic extremists. Who among you will willingly sacrifice your children? View it in that context and do what's right and necessary.


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