Jim Wagner Reality-Based Knife from Boker

I've found this knife retailing for as little as $55 and it's a damned fine knife at that price.

Now, on to performance. As with all knives I test I took this one "out back" and started cutting away at whatever I could find. As I mentioned above, the edge on my test knife is a plain edge (no serrations) so cutting some materials was more difficult. Still, I cut my full range of string, twince, paracord, 1/4" nylon rope, 1/2" hemp, etc and had no issues. I lever-cut several plastic zip-ties by wrapping them around a dowel, slipping the knife tip in between the tie and the dowel and then turning the knife to cut the zip-tie. No issues. Another test I like is a puncture test…and I managed to punch this knife through ¼-inch plywood with no issues, and then wiggle it back out. The pivot point showed no signs of loosening--I saw no side to side wiggle in the blade afterward.

Finally, I left the knife sit, opened, in a bucket of rain water on my back patio for a week. Leaves are already falling here, and by the end of the week the bucket was about six inches full of rain water and had a healthy layer of yuck on top comprised of acorns, leaves, and the assorted other stuff that blows around outside. Taking the knife out, I shook it off and closed it--and then opened it--and repeated. I heard and felt no signs of rust or any less firmness in the lock. No signs of rust appeared on the blade. The edge was still clean. The grips felt slightly slimy, but what would I expect? To get them feeling secure in my hand again--with no slip or slime feel--I actually had to wash them with soap and fresh water and let them dry.

I should mention that the knife (as I received it) comes with an instructional DVD, both about the knife and about some knife defense techniques as taught by the knife designer, Jim Wagner. The inclusion of instructional material is a good idea, and I commend Boker for doing it. Online, I've found this knife retailing for as little as $55 and it's a damned fine knife at that price. For more information about this or other Boker Knives, check them out online.


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