Bridging the Gap Between First Responder and Citizen Caller

Are there ways to exchange information automatically, thereby improving the accuracy, speed and thoroughness of responding officers?

Since NG 9-1-1 is directly addressing how to get this information to flow to third parties and PSAPs, the second requirement will be met as a natural consequence of the deployment of NG 9-1-1.

But the third requirement — making sure the information key(s) that will be required to query this information are made available to first responders — currently does not seem to have an industry advocate. A disconnect seems to remain between first response and the citizen.

Together, public safety leadership, industry advocates and, most important, the rank-and-file members of the first response community must work together to ensure the vital link between citizen and first responder is strong and conveys as much information as is possible. This link saves lives, and there are few connections that matter more than that.

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