Christmas Wish List 2006

Every year, as I go through the mounds of equipment information I have from various manufacturers and vendors, I inevitably make that mental list of all the stuff I'd wish for if it were me getting the gifts.

LaserMax Uni-Max rail mount laser

Having made a name for itself in the laser aiming device industry and doing so with a unique internal-to-the-gun product, LaserMax is now stepping out of its own box and producing an external Picatinny-mounted laser aiming device: the Uni-Max. Unlike so many other attached laser aiming devices, the Uni-Max is itself equipped with a rail mounting system so that an operator can mount other devices under it if necessary. This extremely cost-effective laser aiming option is manufactured by recognized leaders in the industry and supported by their customer support program.

Revision Eyewear Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses

Hot on the heels of their Bullet Ant Goggles, Desert Locust Goggles and Sawfly Ballistic Eyewear system, Revision Eyewear has announced the release of their Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses. Stylish and sleek, these sunglasses carry all of the ballistic protection of Revision's other products, but in a less militaristic appearing package. Available in a variety of frame/lens color combinations, the Hellfly sunglasses are sure to become an instant hit among officers who value their vision.

5.11 Tactical 5-in-1 jacket

A while back I did a full test and evaluation on this product and my wife promptly stole my test sample. I still want one. The two-layer jacket is comprised of a fleece inner with an insulated nylon outer shell. Either one of them can be worn separately to provide protection adequate to the temperature, or they can be combined to provide protection against colder environments. If some middle ground has to be found, then you can zip the sleeves off the outer shell and wear the vest outer over the fleece inner. Or could also wear just the fleece vest inner...or...or...I ended up finding sixteen different configurations for the layers, parts and pieces of this jacket. In a job (military or law enforcement) where versatility is the name of the game, this jacket excels. I want one!!!

UnderArmour underwear

Yeah, I know...who writes up underwear? Well, I'm that guy. Everyone has their own preference in undies: snug, loose, briefs, short legs, longer legs, etc. Not to give away secrets, but I'm a boxer-briefs kind of guy. The UnderArmour products, where undergarments are concerned., are just the bomb. They are snug and provide adequate support without that binding or chafing feeling you can get from cotton-polyester briefs. They are available with shorter legs or longer legs that reach almost to your knees, depending on how you like your coverage. If you're hot, they help wick moisture away, keeping you comfortable. If you're cold, they hold your heat in, keeping you comfortable. The only thing I can think of more comfortable than UnderArmour undergarments is, well, no undergarments at all...and that can be uncomfortable in its own way.

N-Range Home Shooting System

All right; for those of you who haven't figured it out, I'm a gun guy. While I've never really been into precision long distance shooting, I've always found enjoyment in shooting. Anything under 50 yards just makes my day. I find it to be therapeutic. That said, not many of us can afford to build a range into our basement or have enough property to put one "out back." Well, by using the N-Range home shooting system, you can do precisely that. You can put a shooting system up in your office, basement, garage, or other space. The system includes a conversion kit for your gun (several different models covered), a brass catcher so you don't have spent shells bouncing all over your space, and the target/bullet trap. The bullets are actually .223 caliber--even if you're shooting a 9mm conversion--and are easily stopped by the sheet steel trap. Cardboard targets are also included and are easily replaced. Eye protection is required, but the system is so quiet that ear protection is not. With a standard shooting system costing just about $1,300, it's hard to complain about not having space. A home shooting range is suddenly very affordable!

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