Christmas Wish List 2006

Every year, as I go through the mounds of equipment information I have from various manufacturers and vendors, I inevitably make that mental list of all the stuff I'd wish for if it were me getting the gifts.

Every year, as I go through the mounds of equipment information I have from various manufacturers and vendors, I inevitably make that mental list of all the stuff I'd wish for if it were me getting the gifts. But think about it: all the equipment I recommend is stuff I've tested and have found to be of value OR it's stuff made by a manufacturer I've grown to trust. This year my list got a little bit longer as manufacturing technology advances increased the amount of cool stuff out there. Cool, but useful to those who work behind triggers.

Brigade Quartermaster / 5.11 Tactical TACPATT uniforms

The result of a professional partnership between Brigade Quartermaster and 5.11 Tactical--both well known names in the military and law enforcement industry--the TACPATT uniforms were specifically designed to be the latest in digital urban camouflage. Comprised for four different shades of gray (what looks black is actually a dark gray), the pattern breaks up well and is also suited for low light and night work in rural environments as well. Taking into consideration all of the design features that have made the 5.11 Tactical clothing line so popular, this new TACPATT uniform series is sure to be popular. The pattern is available on shirts, plants, baseball cap, boonie cap and a concealed equipment vest.

Blackwater Gear Armor Skins Gloves

When it comes to gloves for operators, dexterity is equally as important as protection from temperature extremes and external cut and puncture dangers. The Blackwater Gear Armor Skins Gloves family of products encompasses a number of different glove designs so that the operator can figure out which best suits his (or her) needs. My preference, except in the harshest of environments, is for the lightweight neoprene Armor Skins. The leather palm and inner fingers provide decent protection against smaller cut and puncture threats, while warmth is maintained. Due to the slim profile of the material used, dexterity is excellent and overall comfort superb.

Original SWAT Boots

I've had a number of people comment to me about how uncomfortable most boots are until after you've broken them in. And even then, some boots break in your feet instead of the other way around. Enter Original SWAT. The Original SWAT tan suede boots are very comfortable straight out of the box. I've been wearing these boots for several years and I find it necessary to wish for a new pair every year. That's not to say that I've worn out any of the old ones! The boots are durable and warm down to, and at, freezing temperatures. They aren't waterproof, but offer a high level of moisture resistance. Unless you stand in a puddle or go swimming in them, they should keep your feet fairly warm and dry.

BlackHawk SERPA off-duty holster set

When BlackHawk CQC released the SERPA holster, they introduced the next era of holster technology. Kydex holsters had been around for awhile, but a carbon-fiber holster, molded to the weapon, and integrating an instinctively released trigger-guard hook/locking device was something new. The carbon fiber is much stronger than Kydex, and the SERPA safety system is secure without paying a price in speed of release. Since originally introducing the holsters for plainclothes and off-duty use, BlackHawk CQC has expanded the line to include duty, tactical and now Level III security. A complete set--holster and off-side magazine/light pouch--is a very cool Christmas present for your law enforcement professional.

Sabre Defence Industries' Massad Ayoob Signature Elite

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