Technology and the New Employee

New officers face longer training and increased technology demands, Have you considered the impact on the new officer?

I'm still closely associated with the profession and will continue to write technology reviews for The point of the column this month is to challenge senior managers of agencies to set a special new year's resolution. The resolution is to remember your own starting point and add today's complexities. The next time you see a rookie, remember to thank the officer, and remind them you know how it feels. Sitting here in the travel trailer, having a final glass of wine with my detective partner, and feeling the parting sorrow of a most poignant moment, it's very personal, and very special to me. To the new rookie on the job you'll face terrific reward, more terrific frustration, and the most rewarding career on the planet. To you I offer my sincerest thanks from a very knowledgeable perspective. Veteran cops, like veteran soldiers, have a look, a radar, a feeling that carries across time and space. Welcome to the family. I thank you, and challenge you to make every opportunity of the good hunting that is the urban criminal landscape in 2007.

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