Cops for Sale

Gone are the days when 1,000 people apply for six positions at a police department.

With an increase in police officers changing departments after graduation, some departments have gone so far as to take legal action against the department that acquired them.* Some have set out ground rules for reimbursement. If officer had less that one year service at the time of separation, the entire amount for training will be reimbursed, two years will be half etc. Interesting concept and it is working! Departments are accepting the financial obligation that accompanies the experienced recruit.

There are of course some chances to take in regards to "poaching" other police departments' personnel. You must ensure you are not getting someone else's problem child. Their record may be clean, but their personality may indicate that it is just a matter of time before they cause problems. At times it can be a guessing game for human resource personnel. However, if you are the cream of the crop of your organization, this is your generation, my friend. You can virtually pick which police department you would like to work for and which city you would like to live in.

* as per discussion on the IALEP (International Association of Law Enforcement Planners) list serve September 2006.
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