Letter to a New Chief

Tim Dolan is the new chief of police in Minneapolis, and I'm glad. Tim is a former partner of mine. He has taken on what may be the toughest job in the state.

It's a matter of trust, Chief. When citizens trust their cops, the phones in homicide will be ringing off the hook with tips concerning major crimes, and you will gain that trust when you hold them accountable for misconduct. It would also help in your communications with those neighborhoods under siege if you make your record of accountability public, like so many other agencies have done. If you did that, you could have more impact on solving the gang and murder problem than any police strategy you could devise. The citizens have placed their trust in you. As your former partner and a citizen in your city, I trust you will do what's right by the community and the cops. Demand courage, compassion, control, and restraint from your cops. You have to trust first that your community will understand mistakes by cops, but they will also expect accountability. Take that first step. The community wants to trust you as much as I do.

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