Center Of Mass Kydex

The Kydex moves just enough to be comfortable on your belt. I wore this holster to the range on a 1 ¾-inch leather garrison belt and it was quite stable. It is not adjustable for cant forward or backward, but is suitably positioned for a reasonable...

During range time I presented from the holster several dozen times with no issues. The Kydex used didn't show any signs of wear at the end of the range day. The magazines went in and out of the pouches smoothly and I noticed no loosening of the material through the day.

On the Center of Mass website you can find holsters to fit a wide variety of handguns and some truly unique magazine carry options (they make a mag pouch for your AR mags that fits onto the handguard of your AR). The holster sets can obviously be had in black or gray, but I remember Rick telling me some other colors are available as well. I can't find them on the site and can't remember what they are off hand.

Rick's stuff is reasonably priced and performs as you should expect. Remember that Kydex is only as strong as the design, and if you have realistic expectations of the design you'll not be disappointed.


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