Hurt a Cop, Kill a Cop

Why you are getting hurt and killed

Little by little, tools that make our job safer and easier are being taken away. Forget about being proactive; you will simply be a reactionary group. Mind you, I said "group," not reactionary force, since society will eventually take away the force part of policing. Even the word "force" is politically incorrect. It sounds absurd, does it not? But think about how you are being handcuffed by society. You cannot stop someone that you know has probably committed a crime--that would be profiling. You cannot stop someone you know is probably an illegal immigrant--that would be a federal violation. You cannot hit someone before they strike you--that would be police brutality. The longer we allow societal influences, such as the special interest groups on the left, to slowly take away our ability to protect ourselves and the public, the more acceptable it becomes. Passivity will be the norm and rule the day.

Now comes the "elephant in the room" that no one wants to talk about. Society is you! One of the reasons that the police are losing this battle is because we are citizens as well as police officers, but we are afraid to say anything about these inequities. It is not politically correct to challenge something, especially if it is shrouded with a mantle like race or religion. If you think I am exaggerating, try to arrest a Muslim at an airport for anything; try to arrest an illegal immigrant at a job site. We are content to sit back and allow our authority to become further and further eroded with every hue and cry from each special interest group that comes along. Where are the voices of dissent from our administrators? Why do our city fathers, our command officers, and police organizations stand by and let these politically correct upstarts demean and devalue a way of life that has been in existence for generations?

There is an idiom that states, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." If you think this idiom isn't right on, look at the Muslim situation in the U.S. today. Rather than the Muslims adjusting to living in our society, we are being forced to accept their way of life and understand their culture. Look at the large Hispanic population in the U.S. Rather than compel them to speak our native tongue, we convert all of our official documents and government offices to bilingual signage and language. Do we hear any outcry from us as a citizenry? Not much to speak of--passivity becomes the norm. We sit by and allow the voices of a few to become the dominating voice; dissenters are quickly castigated and ostracized. Others take their cue from such results, and soon there is no dissent--it becomes acceptable.

Passivity will continue to get our cops hurt and killed. There is little, if any, outrage when one of us becomes victimized by emboldened, politically correct thugs that have the backing of left wing groups and Hollywood types. Cop-killers become a cause célèbre for many of them, funding their defenses and projects such as movies and books. One only need look at the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, who killed a Philadelphia cop 25 years ago. We, on the other hand, lie in our graves or collect our disability pensions in relative obscurity. Passivity--unless we find our voices it will continue to contribute to cops being hurt and killed.

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