Texas Deputies Use Taser Following High-Speed Chase

San Antonio police said they used a Taser gun Wednesday night for the fifth time since they received them on Dec. 20.

Sgt. Gabe Trevino said officers used the Taser gun when a suspect used deadly force toward officers after a high-speed chase.

When deputies stopped the man at Loop 1604 and Applewhite Road, he allegedly tried to run over law enforcement officers with his car, sheriff's officials said.

That's when deputies were forced to use a Taser gun on the man, who was arrested.

"He was ignoring the commands," Trevino said. "There was already an attempt of deadly force towards the officers, so they were already in the level of alertness, if you will, that this person was willing to hurt or kill a policeman."

The chase, which at times reached speeds of 100 mph, started in the 3500 block of South Laredo and ended in south Bexar County, sheriff's officials said.

The man faces charges of evading arrest and possibly assault.

Trevino said having the Taser guns has enabled them to avoid using pepper spray, a baton or some cases deadly force.

The first time police were forced to use a Taser gun was in late December when officers pulled over 24-year-old Oscar Garcia III near Interstate 35 and Tilden Street, police said.

Police used the Taser when Garcia pulled out a machine gun and threatened to kill everyone, police said.

Officers believe the Taser actually saved Garcia's life, police said.

The SAPD has 160 Taser guns in its arsenal, and about 68 officers are trained to use them.

The department said it plans to purchase more Taser guns.