Need Police Chicks?

You hear horror stories about the female applicant that came into the interview wearing a tight leather mini skirt and no underwear because she thought all of the police were men and this would surely get her hired.

Community Police Academy

Want to offer potential applicants a taste of what policing is? Run a community police academy so applicants can learn about all aspects of policing. Police academies run from 12-16 weeks, once a week to provide a glimpse of what policing is really like. This includes a ride along in a police car, a sit along in detention or communications/dispatch centers as well as the opportunity can shoot a duty firearm and a graduation ceremony complete with a certificate from the police service. Run two academies, one for Grade 12 students and one for adults. An all-female police academy? Why not?

All of these can assist you in targeting the people you need to meet the criteria to pass the entrance tests to be a police officer. Providing mentorship through the police academy process as well as day care opportunities during this time may be attractive to some female and perhaps male applicants for your police service. Our police academy is part of the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. This university has a day care program. Several of our female officers have taken advantage of this program while they have been on police training courses. They also get to spend the evening with their child--a win/win situation! Sometimes people just need a hand up, not a hand out. You will get some that will say, "I made it through police academy without a stupid support program and my kids stayed home like everyone else." Well, get over it, times have changed, accept it and move on. Why not offer more than the next police service? Why not look attractive to the applicant? The more applicants to your service, the more likely you are going to pick qualified, effective police officers.

On the flip side, you could keep wasting your time with the applicant with the nose and lip ring and pink hair who just failed her interview at the Dunkin' Donuts, and was hoping to get on your police service. You pick.

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