Lessons from a Utah Mall

When a reporter asked: "Why not leave?" he replied: "'cause that's not me."

As it turns out, the Salt Lake City officers who responded to this incident also have been given well-deserved praise and recognition for the way they handled this incident. In this case, everyone's training and exemplary professional actions kept a bad situation from being even worse. There will be other lessons learned from this, but I think it is important to recognize that the threat to innocent people stopped when, in the words of the Ogden City Council resolution, "Officer Hammond instinctively and without hesitation jumped into action to protect innocent lives." One officer and his wife, who were just out for dinner. Would you be prepared to act, and would you act, in a similar situation? If you are that kind of person, then you need to prepare in advance. I think this is an outstanding model to learn from! I'll be talking about this one with my students and my friends for a long time.

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