What Do You Call An Officer Who Beats A Brutality Complaint?

The union steward, federation representative, whatever you call them, have a job to do.

I'm not defending the conduct of either one of these officers, but I am ready to defend against injustice when I see it, and it always struck me as ironic when one of our administrators would attack a police officer for trampling on someone's rights and then be willing to do exactly the same thing to their own cop.

If you're a righteous sort of cop, it would be easy to take the moral high ground in these cases and get angry about stewards who protect dirty cops. If moral justice and legal justice were the same thing, we could do that--but they're not. Legal justice is about the fair application of the law, to everyone. Moral justice is an objective we can strive for, but is met only occasionally or accidentally in the criminal justice system. In our country, moral justice and legal justice are more likely to be in conflict than agreement. If they weren't, and we let moral justice rule our country, like they do some Middle Eastern countries, we would be at the mercy of religious groups. And depending on which group was in power, that could be very scary. Don't misunderstand me; I'm not against religion. I'm just against religious beliefs replacing the rule of law.

The bottom line is this. As good cops who refuse to defend the actions of dirty cops, we can take the moral high ground with regard to their actions. But, as good cops, and the guardians of everyone's civil rights, we must support an aggressive defense of every charge made against a cop, guilty or not. We can't let people in power think they can get away with marginalizing anyone's rights just because they have the power to do so.

The union steward, federation representative, whatever you call them, have a job to do.

We don't have to like it. We do have to support it.

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