Notable Products from 2006

Each year I write 52 evaluations and in 2006 I found several items that still seem impressive to me. At least two of them were submitted for awards from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

PolyShok Twelve Gauge Ammo

I respect LTC Dave Grossman a great deal and I completely understand why he says that shotguns are outdated technology, where our modern battle against terrorism is concerned. That said, I think he should check out PolyShok ammo. While shotguns filled with 00 shot rounds might not have great application in CQB situations, the PolyShok rounds are especially effective in just such combat conditions. Specifically designed to deliver more than a 1/2 ton of energy to the target, the round is also designed to come apart in such a fashion as to not threaten innocent persons or sensitive property behind the target. I have tested the PolyShok round (look for a more detailed report on it in the near future) in a couple of ways and was quite impressed.

  • Using a standard Remington 870 pump shotgun with a 20-inch slug barrel and rifle sights, firing from a rested position at the fifty-yard line, I was able to put five rounds of PolyShok into the head on a B27 target...twice.
  • To test overpenetration, I put two one-gallon milk jugs back to back, full of water and with the lids duct-taped on. I fired into them with one sitting in front of the other, fully expecting both jugs to be destroyed. The first jug was obliterated, but the second jug was simply pushed off the stand. None of the PolyShok load penetrated it.

It's impressive stuff and excellent for liability management in any agency that still issues or authorizes the twelve gauge shotgun for its officers. Thanks to its construction, the PolyShok can also be used for breaching, which makes it great for law enforcement special operations teams as well.

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