LAPD to Patrol Skid Row on Electric Scooters

Several Los Angeles police officers will soon patrol downtown's Skid Row on three-wheeled electric scooters, Police Chief William Bratton announced Thursday.

The T-3 Mobility runs on electricity, has a top speed of 25 mph and provides a smooth, quiet ride for officers.

The Los Angeles Police Department purchased two of the scooters for $8,500 apiece with funds from the LAPD's vehicle acquisition budget, Bratton said.

"We're still taking a look at it, but I think you'll find it will become a part of the fleet," Bratton said, adding that the scooters provide a more stable and safer ride than the two-wheeled Segways.

Red and blue lights are mounted on the scooter, which will be used to enhance officer foot and bicycle patrols, according to police Sgt. Dan Gomez.

Officers have already tested the scooter at the Academy Awards ceremony, the Los Angeles Marathon, the Kingdom Day Parade and at Los Angeles International Airport.

"This is good for anywhere you would have a large amount of people and you want the officers to he highly visible, give them a stable platform to operate their duties and yet still be approachable by the community," Gomez said. "This seems to fit the need."