Massacre at Virginia Tech

Incidents like those at Jonesboro, Arkansas; the Beslan school siege and Columbine High School have opened our eyes to the threat and shown us that we must prepare. How then should we proceed?

When Nathan Gale attacked the band Pantera at a nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, killing its guitarist Darrell Abbott in 2004, it was the aggressive actions of Columbus Officer James Niggemeyer that stopped further bloodshed by killing the suspect with his 12 gauge patrol shotgun.

In 2006, an eighth grader, armed with what appeared to be a pistol, was shot and wounded by a Seminole County deputy sheriff and SWAT team member at a school in Florida. Although the pistol would turn out to be a lookalike airsoft pistol, the deputy's quick actions would have saved lives if the pistol had been real.

These incidents point out the value of preplanning and aggressive action on the part of law enforcement. They also point out the necessity of school systems planning and training in what to do should an incident be actually occurring or threatened. We must work together and we must prepare. The fallout of doing nothing or hiding our heads in the sand might be paid in lives. Today's events at Virginia Tech and the victims involved remind us once again that we must be ready! May God bless those students and faculty of today’s tragedy and may he bless us with the strength and the will to prepare!

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