KRISS XSMG from Transformational Defense Industries

So, what really makes the Kriss XSMG radically different from the competition? The recoil system.

So, what really makes the Kriss XSMG radically different from the competition? The recoil system. If you take a look at the photo shown right (the XSMG, field stripped), you can clearly see the bolt and recoil system in the bottom center portion of the photo. That "V" looking block is the key. The bolt moves back into milled grooves and forces that V-shaped block DOWN instead of back. The recoil spring and rod absorb the recoil as it moves DOWN and then forces the V-shaped block back up which forces the bolt to move forward. Now think about this...

Recoil for most small weapons move backward and up in an arc. How tight that arc of movement is depends on the length of the recoil system and where the pivot point is on the gun. Using the M16 as an example, the recoil system goes from immediately behind the bolt all the way back to the end of the shoulder stock. In a handgun, such as the Glock Model 21, the recoil system is the slide being moved back and forth by the forces at work internally, including the recoil assembly. The pivot point of the M16 is where the stock is locked into the shooter's shoulder. With a handgun, the pivot point is the shooter's hand/wrist, depending on technique used. Thanks to the recoil system of the Kriss XSMG, the recoil is redirected DOWN in FRONT of the pivot point, so that the muzzle climb--the arc of the recoil--is minimized by the force of the recoil pushing the weapon down. I like it.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this recoil system, one of the TDII reps (a former Marine and all around nice guy) fired a magazine of ammo one handed on burst. He had no issues keeping all rounds on target.

The stated production goal of TDII is Spring of 2008, with weapons available in .45ACP, 9mm and .40S&W. I think they are on to something and I'm looking forward to doing further testing with one of the early production models. Keep your eye on this new subgun. I think it's going to rock the industry in all the fun ways.

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