Reality Is a Harsh Taskmaster

And the walls came tumbling down...planning, training, and exercising are not limited to the good guys.

All too often in crisis events, there is confusion, panic, a rush to judgment, and then gridlock in our communities. At this point we seem to have avoided the first three issues. It is hopeful that we can avoid the gridlock and continue with our momentum in dealing with these issues. In a prior article from January, I wrote that I often wondered where people thought kids like the shooter in Virginia Tech went after high school, and said the clock was ticking--tick, tock, tick tock. Unfortunately my peers and I who espoused the idea have been proven right, and they may be coming to our communities. Fortunately, it seems that most campus communities seem to be taking positive steps to address the issues that have arisen from the incident. Maybe, just maybe, after Columbine, 9/11, and now Virginia Tech, it has sunken in that it can happen here.

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