To Catch a Keynote

Where is it possible to hear the host of Dateline NBC's popular series "To Catch a Predator" and more recent exposés "To Catch a Con Man" and "To Catch an ID Thief" address the issue of online predators?

Rick McGinnis of the recently established Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (Ohio ICAC) Task Force will present on Wednesday, July 11, on the use of profiles in online undercover operations. He will discuss what a profile is, how to use the profile to the investigator's advantage and what makes an attractive profile to an online predator.

Brendan Sheehan, director of the Ohio ICAC, will present an overview of the organization later the same day. The Ohio ICAC Task Force is an alliance of city, county, state and federal authorities dedicated to the apprehension and prosecution of Internet child predators and child pornographers, and the education of parents and children about Internet safety.

The topic of effective interview and interrogation techniques for online predators maintains the child safety theme in Keith Durkin and Steve Hundersmarck's presentation. Durkin and Hundersmarck, chair of the Department of Psychology and Sociology and assistant professor of psychology and criminal justice at Ohio Northern University, respectively, will focus on their research related to interview and interrogation techniques. Their presentation will include methods for determining the typology of the offender and confronting resistance in the interview.

Kenneth Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services, will highlight proactive school security and emergency preparedness planning in his half-day workshop on July 11. Topics will include: national trends in school deaths and violence; school responses and lessons learned from 9/11 and recent school shootings; schools as potential targets for terrorism; practical "heightened security" strategies for schools; common gaps found in school security assessments; current trends and strategies in school emergency planning; school and public safety partnerships; and communicating safety issues to parents, media and the school community.

An exciting, interactive component to the school safety theme is the simulated school shooter response training that will take place at the I-X Center. Conducted by the Cleveland (Ohio) Police Department SWAT Team, this scenario will utilize simulated equipment to give all law enforcement professionals the opportunity to learn and experience crisis techniques in response to a school shooting.

"On the initial walk-through of the I-X Center, the SWAT team leaders commented on how they could benefit from training here on their own regardless of the conference," comments Caplin. "It offers a very realistic scenario for them to work with."

Catch you in Ohio

In light of the conference focus and his notoriety, having Hansen as the keynote speaker is a perfect match.

"It is a great combination of factors that make his appearance at Enforcement Expo really desirable for everybody," says Caplin. "Chris has really gained tremendous acceptance within the law enforcement community nationally, and the work he does is admired and respected. What he has to say is directly relevant to what many law enforcement agencies are dealing with."

To be caught in Ohio and have an opportunity to learn more about child and school safety, visit for registration information.

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