TelePresence Takes You Anywhere in Seconds

Cisco Systems' new virtual meeting solution delivers disappearing technology and global meetings that are so real, you feel you are in the same room.

What is the future of TelePresence? Simply put, this is incredible technology. Truly invisible, disappearing to the mind as you use it. Leaders seeing this thing have to have it. Senator John McCain, in an Interview with the San Jose Mercury News, stressed the national imperative of universal, widely available broadband. That's a first step.

Combining TelePresence with cheap broadband makes American creativity and brainpower available worldwide. All technology now has a new high mark to achieve, playing catch up with Cisco, and what I believe is the first truly transparent solution that lets people cross the planet in real time, without technology in the way. People are at their best in relationships. When technology gets in the way, it degrades a relationship, and sets up worries associated with misperception and misunderstanding. So, If you'd like to donate a dollar to my Cisco TelePresence room, I'll only be $999,999.00 away from being able to meet with you in Sydney every day. Otherwise we've both got some waiting to do, or I'd better be buying a plane ticket.

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