'Fanny' Packs: Off-Duty Bags For Your Pistol

In the mid-90s I finally broke down and bought a "fanny" pack. Since that time I've carried my pistol in the same variety of ways, but as summer is coming and I know the shorts and t-shirts will be my primary off-duty wear, the assortment of fanny...

Both will hold your weapon securely. My Galco fanny pack is finally wearing out and I'm going to have to switch over to the BlackHawk full time. I've been switching back and forth, depending on what I was carrying and how long I was going to wear the fanny pack. My Galco is much more broken in since I've had it for about thirteen years, whereas I've only had the BlackHawk UCC about two years. Still, the BlackHawk UCC is as much an "old friend" as the Galco.

If I were buying a new one today I'd have to call BlackHawk and ask them if they could put a neoprene backing into a UCC for me. Short of that, I'd have to buy the standard UCC. With BlackHawk's reputation for solid construction, double and triple stitching, etc., it'd just be the better buy for my money.

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