Teflon Leadership

I'll be guided by your good judgment...okaaaayyy

Is there anything we can do to break the logjam at either end of our spectrum here? I'm not sure, but I have the really bad feeling it's going to take a copycat incident, with someone trying to beat the Virginia Tech body count. Administrators for campuses are some of the brightest people you will ever meet. This is one of the paradoxes of working on a campus--you can go from dealing with a Nobel Prize winner to a crazed shooter all in one day. It's this mindset that sometimes challenges you to do your best or makes you want to beat your head on a wall. One of the things that I hope comes out of the Virginia Tech hearings is the need to communicate amongst ourselves. We often consult with each other, but not communicate. We do have to develop a common language to meet a common goal: the safety of our communities. As to our other problem with our brother and sister departments, I guess we need to develop some common ground also. I guess my best advice for all of us in that respect was driven home to me one day, long, looooong ago in the academy by a Boston PD officer named Arthur Lamb. Arthur had developed a baton use system named the Lamb method. The verse, Swing and Sway the Lamb Chop Way, was a mantra for his classes as we beat the snot out of dummies and each other. One day while we were chopping away, some crusty veteran made a snotty remark about campus cops. Arthur, to his credit, jumped all over him, stating that if they were getting the Shinola beat out of them there was not any campus officer who would not come to his aid, even if it put them in harm's way. He said that when everyone else was driving by saying "Oh, my," we should count on each other and work together. Sound advice then, sound advice now, and maybe if we all work on it can come true.

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