Combat Focus Shooting

Train your brain to work your body under threat.

Only then does Rob move into discussion about Accuracy, Stance, Movement, different positions, presentation, grip, trigger control and more. Rob concludes the book with descriptions of fundamental combat shooting drills and some bonus information on how to select a handgun.

I have to admit that when I first got this book to review, I looked at the page count--112. My first thought was, "How much really good information about shooting can be contained in a book only 112 pages long?" I opened it and started reading, fully expecting that Basic Marksmanship had been discussed ad nauseam with a few teaser tidbits about contact shots or a new special whizbang grip thrown in. It just ain't so, Joe.

An impressive amount of straightforward valuable information is contained in those 112 pages. Extraneous BS doesn't exist within. Having read the book and learned a few good things (and I've been shooting for about three decades), I can recommend it as a good informative read for any shooter who wishes to improve his skills.

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