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Cost savings

Beyond supporting the Wingstock 2006 event, the Lakewood PD also used video to provide security and surveillance when a visiting religious dignitary — considered an "at risk" target for terrorists — spoke at a local university. By deploying video at the scene and using unmanned vehicles, the Lakewood PD provided enhanced security and saved $3,000 in overtime costs.

Other use cases

Police departments and public safety agencies, are finding the combination of mobile mesh networks and video to be making a difference in their communities.

  • DUI checkpoints: Video deployed by one city at the checkpoint is relayed to the command vehicle located nearby. Cameras positioned ahead of the checkpoint spot vehicles that turn around to avoid the checkpoint.
  • SWAT: SWAT teams can deploy video around the scene of an incident to gain a 360-degree view of the area and better develop strategies to resolve the situation, while also improving their safety.
  • School security: Several school districts are planning to deploy video inside school buses and store and stream the video to school offices and police vehicles. Several cities also are looking to provide portable communications and video surveillance systems for local sporting events, like high school football games, where incidents tend to occur and the benefits of a portable video system can be fully utilized.
What you don't see, can hurt you

As the complexity of incidents increase, resource limitations are forcing police departments to seek new ways to respond to, and successfully resolve, incidents. Video and other visual multimedia applications provide officers with increased situational awareness, providing the ability to see what's going on at the scene or inside a building, and then share that information among a team and headquarters. By providing visual information across the network, law enforcement can develop better strategies for resolving situations, coordinate resources more efficiently and communicate more effectively — while saving money in the process.

Kevin Payne is director of corporate marketing at PacketHop. He can be e-mailed at or visit

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