Turbocharge Your Training Titles

Adult learners want to know 'WIIFM' (What's In It For Me). Tell them up front and you've got their attention.

Why bother?

Authors, editors, publishers and booksellers all know they have to compete for readers' attention -- beginning with enticing that potential buyer to pick their book off the shelf. What's this got to do with law enforcement training? Most of you have "captive" audiences -- recruits or officers who have to attend your training -- right? So why bother coming up with a title that piques curiosity and has recruits or officers wanting to know what comes next?

First, trainers know that officers will perform as they train -- each and every step. The same is true of trainers. That's right -- you. If you're working to make your training engaging -- from the start --you're more likely to keep working that way throughout. You, too, will perform as you train -- each and every step.

Second, coming up with a title that connects with recruits or officers makes you focus -- from the very beginning -- on what? The learner. That's a good thing. Instead of focusing on what you're going to say, the focus should be on what your learners need to be able to do and what the training must give them so they can do it. There's no better time to begin focusing on learner benefits than at the outset.

Finally, whether we acknowledge it, we compete for our learners' attention. The fact that recruits or officers may have to attend our training, doesn't ensure they will:

  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Remember
  • Act.

These four things have to occur for our training to have any real benefit. Motivating our learners to listen, learn, remember, and then -- out on the job -- to act can begin with a title that sparks their curiosity and emphasizes the benefits of the training for them. It's much easier to put information into a mind and heart that are open and engaged.

There's one more reason to work on a training title that interests and enlivens. It's more fun -- for you and your learners. So, let's look at a few tips from the publishing industry, combine those tips with the learner benefits of your training, and have some fun. (These tips work just as well for a training article -- like this one.)

Top 5 Secrets to Attention Grabbing Training Titles.
(Do you see an idea here for a title?)

A common problem with training titles is they are boring. The other problem is they focus on the subject matter -- what is going to be said -- rather than what the learner will gain. In his book The Freelance Success Book -- Insider Secrets for Selling Every Word You Write, (a title that leaves no doubt about the reader benefit), David Taylor looks at patterns for winning titles. Let's see how we might apply some to law enforcement.

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