Modernize Your 12 Gauge Shotgun

This week's review is going to look at how a standard 12 Gauge can be modified with sights, lights, stocks, slings and ammo to make it an efficient and versatile weapon for today's combat situations.

  • minimum recoil
  • reduced potential liabilty
  • increased accuracy
  • increased versatility

I think it's easy to see where the PolyShok ammo is ideally suited for patrol use. It's probably great for our guys fighting in MOUT conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

So, anyway, there are some suggestions on how you can modernize your 12 Gauge shotgun. Don't let the fact that it was designed--in its most basic form--a long time ago slow you down. It's still an extremely versatile and useful weapon. We just have to keep it up with the times.


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