Protecting the Perimeter

Innovative funding ideas keep metro Atlanta protected and prepared

Groundbreaking construction began in January 2007 for the new Atlanta Police Department offices. Combining the police and fire department headquarters will serve as a model for public safety centers throughout the country.

The facilities will include a joint operations/emergency center and media room, and will allow the department to incorporate new technology and communication capabilities into everyday operations.

Implementing and maintaining the safety of a major metropolitan area is a large and complex undertaking. Individuals from all levels of government and law enforcement work hard every day to ensure the safety of its citizens and those visiting or just passing through.

Through the development of new strategies for managing grant funds and by adopting a variety of infrastructure security measures crime levels will be kept to a minimum, and will ultimately ensure highest standards for public safety in the Atlanta area.

Linda Spagnoli is a well-known law enforcement advocate in the areas of communication, child safety, officer safety and sex-offender tracking. Her focus is on interagency data-sharing, emergency communications and media relations. She began her career assisting school resource officers install the D.A.R.E. program in Long Island, New York, schools. Spagnoli still maintains her position as Director of Communications for Code Amber, the largest Internet distribution for Amber Alerts.

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