Five things you need to know about keeping your officers connected

Dispatch, this is car 476. I've got a pursuit in progress and need to run a license plate but the darn computer is down.

Connectionware fortunately has the ability to bring interoperability to incompatible GPS data sources and GPS applications such as dispatch, customer applications and AVL systems. This doesn't just work in a one-to-one configuration; connectionware provides multiple applications with access to the GPS data by adapting the GPS receiver data to the format and transport the application requires. The connectionware resides between the applications and the data source providing the standard and converting it into the language(s) required. It's agnostic and provides agencies with the freedom to choose the applications and devices they desire.

Seamless management

The point of tasking computers to manage data is that it can be completed intuitively with less time required by the end-user. However, if a department is using two networks to achieve adequate coverage, and each officer must manually configure his connection as he travels back and forth between networks, he is wasting valuable time. In situations where stopping to reconfigure a connection is not possible, the dropped connection can potentially put the officer at risk as critical information will not be received or delivered.

One might think the various network and application features would require a vast amount of time to configure — and they do with no strategy or middleware — but connectionware provides the benefit of managing the data conversion, integration of applications and network connectivity without engaging the officers in the field. Upon implementation, IT managers can configure the connectionware to automatically select the most appropriate network as officers travel through the jurisdiction. The connectionware intuitively manages the application-to-application and application-to-device relationships while seamlessly switching networks anonymously to the officer.

Make the best choices

An early adopter of wireless technologies, public safety agencies were once limited to the types of applications they could adopt depending on their existing network. With connectionware, IT managers are free to make the best choices for their deployments without hesitation. Gone are the days of lost data, dropped networks and manual reconfiguration — connectionware addresses the connectivity issues at the network and application level to provide agencies with a seamless system. Agencies can look to the future knowing their investment will easily integrate with new protocols and tools as the industry changes. It's all about giving the customer the power to decide.

Mike Bourre joined Radio IP Software Inc. in 2000 and was appointed vice president of sales and marketing in 2002. His career spans more than 18 years working with software for computer-aided dispatch and telecommunications. He can be reached at (514) 890-6070 Ext. 420 or at

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