PUBLIC WARNING in the nation's capital

RSAN and WAVES mass notification systems inform the public of impending harm

     Another example is the purchase and installation of WebEOC in emergency operations centers (EOCs) at NCR jurisdictions. WebEOC is a Web-based application that enables emergency managers and first responders to track an emergency event and all related information (resource availability and deployment, real-time updates, weather, affected and surrounding infrastructure, etc.).

     "We have direct hotlines to major utilities," Countee continues. "They also are part of a regional telephone-based warning system called the Washington Metropolitan Area Warning System (WAWAS), which links more than 140 EOCs from federal and local government agencies and utilities, who also use RSAN (Roam Secure Alert Network) and WebEOC."

     The NCR received $46.3 million in UASI funds in fiscal year 2006 and $61.6 million in fiscal year 2007.

Linda Spagnoli is a well-known law enforcement advocate in the areas of communication, child safety, officer safety and sex offender tracking. Her focus is on interagency data sharing, emergency communications and media relations. She began her career assisting school resource officers install the D.A.R.E. program in Long Island, New York, schools. Spagnoli still maintains her position as Director of Communications for Code Amber, the largest Internet distribution for Amber Alerts.

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