I Bet I Could Drink You Under the Table!

We want to fit in with everyone else and we want to be part of the choir practice after work. But what we need to recognize is that our bodies do not handle alcohol the same way our male counterparts do.

As police officers, we should take the time to recognize issues with alcohol consumption with our other colleagues. You may want to give that new rookie female cop some advice before it ends up haunting her for her career. If you do recognize significant alcohol consumption on a regular basis in one of your colleagues, there may be much more wrong with the situation than just trying to have a good time. The profession of policing is full of people who become depressed or suffer from post traumatic stress disorder who choose alcohol as a way to "take the edge off." We must also remember that police are not immune to suicides as well. A few misjudgments, and we can find ourselves in a bad spot, personally and professionally. Many officers have been there and many have taken their lives. It's up to us to intervene and offer help.

So the next time you go for drinks with the platoon, think about what you are doing. Have a couple, but not too many. And if someone says they can drink you under the table. Say "No, thanks --I grew out of that stage years ago!"


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