Second Careers in Emergency Management

There is life after retirement

  • Emergency Manager, whether for a government agency or a private business, this person would oversee the entire emergency management program
  • Emergency Planner for the Federal, State or local government. This position is also in the private sector
  • Emergency Response Specialist, though mostly involved with the public sector, private consulting firms are offering this service to their clients to manage a crisis situation
  • Business Continuity Planner, analyzing a business's operation and planning how to prevent and recover from a business interruption

As you can see, some of these positions mirror the phases of emergency management. Conduct an online job search using the term "emergency management" and you may be surprised with the number and type of jobs that the search returns.

One of the benefits of seeking a second career is the flexibility of working either full-time, part-time or project-to-project as a consultant. If you are covered with health insurance into retirement you may wish to work for a higher salary and waive that benefit. If you don't have health insurance you may wish to seek a position that offers that benefit. Another advantage of emergency management work is that the salary is often that of primary employment, where the security field is often considered as a supplement to a pension and is compensated accordingly.

Being involved with emergency management while you are still on the police department not only allows you to add value to your current duties, it may also help prepare you for a second career. The saying "when one door closes another opens" can truly apply to you.

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