Winning Against Extreme Violence

Officers are being killed this year in numbers not seen since the 1970s. We must train and prepare to meet and defeat the extreme violence offered against us.

The Battle of Your Life

Armies don't emerge victorious from the battlefield when they show up with no skills, poor equipment and no intention to win. These are victims, not victors! Preparation to win against the most violent in our society takes time and effort. It is not easy! The actual encounter will take everything you have for you to emerge victorious--and training for these types of encounters requires you put forth time and effort.

Throughout history, valiant men and women have stood up against marauding hordes of barbarians and won. The barbarians and threats to our society now stand at the gates of the cities and towns we protect. There are no shortcuts to success, there is only hard work and toil in our preparations, and eternal vigilance. To win the battle of your life, you must know your enemy, have an intense intention to win regardless of the circumstances, train like your life depends on it--because it does, and truly understand the legal aspects of use of force. You must, because "they" are indeed out there...

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