A new era in POLICING

Grant funding gives law enforcement the opportunity to cash in on groundbreaking technologies

     With additional input from Chicago police and years of product evolution, SAFE Boats developed a multi-mission platform to fit the Chicago PD's needs.

     "We work hand in hand with our customers to build the tool to fit their specific demands," says Scott Peterson, SAFE Boats president. "This, combined with a high-performance hull, creates a state-of-the-art, cost-effective, homeland security vessel."

Looking ahead
     Grant funding is a resource for police departments across the country to obtain more equipment and provide more services for citizens.

     The challenge of policing Chicago with vigilance in an era of terrorist threats is growing more complex every day. Chicago is a target-rich city with centers of finance, commerce, transportation, freight, and national landmarks and requires the implementation of technological advances throughout the police department.

     Attention to upcoming innovations is something that Chicago's police are eager to adopt.

     Because Chicago is a contender city for the 2016 Olympics, Mayor Daley and Chicago PD officials are looking ahead to keep it one of the safest cities in the country. They are working diligently to involve communities and address issues to resolve any differences. When crime is down, citizens are happy, and more funding and resources available for the Chicago PD ultimately means more protection to keep the peace on the streets of the Windy City.

Specialized vehicles, equipment and units
     Nowhere can the dedication to protecting citizens and investigating crime be more evident than the in the careful selection of specialized vehicles used by Chicago police in everyday and emergency situations. These special vehicles are used regularly and include:

  • Bomb and arson - $406,000 (UASI) Bomb Disposal Unit, Robots, Bomb Scanning Devices, Radiation Detection devices
  • Forensic services - $175,000 (UASI) Complete Mobile Forensic Truck
  • Special operations (SWAT) - $225,000 (UASI) BearCat Personnel Carrier and protective gear
  • Airport - $650,000 (combination Dept. of Aviation, and Buffer Zone) Bomb Disposal units, K-9 transport, K-9 Units for explosive detection. Immediate Incident Deployment Truck with SWAT gear, protective gear and crowd control devices.
  • Video Observation Vehicle (2005) transmits real-time video from any location
  • Satellite Truck - Equipped with a roof-top satellite, transmits high-speed video and data and the OEMC Microwave Truck
  • Automated License Plate readers (Concept Vehicle) read thousands of plates per hour and have recovered over 750 stolen vehicles.

     Linda Spagnoli is a law enforcement advocate in the areas of communication, child safety, officer safety and sex offender tracking. She may be reached at ljspagnoli@aol.com.

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