Moving, moving, moving

Technology helps officers keep traffic moving in New York City

     It seems the only incentive is to make it more expensive to travel on roadways during certain times of day -- specifically rush hours.

     New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed charging $8 to drive a car into Manhattan south of 86th Street on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Trucks would pay $21.

     "Our survey of New Yorkers who drive in Manhattan found that congestion pricing (charging a premium for driving during weekday business hours) is the only mechanism that will entice a large portion of drivers to switch to public transit," says Partnership for New York City President and CEO Kathryn Wylde. "A significant percentage of surveyed drivers are heavily resistant to getting out of their cars. But in response to pricing, there are more than enough who would to reduce congestion by a significant factor."

     Ironically, Wylde reports that while the survey found that "New York City drivers are one of the primary, if not the top, cause of congestion, most drivers claim to have seen the enemy and it is someone else." The survey found New York City drivers blame others for the congestion. Surveyed drivers cite truck and delivery vehicles (18 percent), taxis and livery cars (17 percent), people driving from the suburbs (12 percent) and double parking (12 percent) as the top four causes of congestion.

Linda Spagnoli is a well-known law enforcement advocate in the areas of communication, child safety, officer safety and sex offender tracking. Spagnoli maintains her position as Director of Communications for Code Amber, the largest Internet distribution for Amber Alerts.

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