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Richard M. Kreisler, partner Liebert, Cassidy, Whitmore Law Agency, specialist in representing the interests of California-based police agencies in employment matters: "One issue staring us in the face are significant unfunded liabilities caused by burgeoning retirement systems. Sooner or later someone is going to pay the piper. We're living longer and that increases the cost of insurance and unanticipated expenses down the road. When officers retire at 90 percent of their salary and COLAs -- someone has to pay this bill. The future has nothing to do with tasers and black and whites, it's how are we going to fund these benefits? The new officers down the road -- will they have to come in on a lower tier with lesser benefits? When someone asks a law enforcement professional what the big future problem will be, they expect to hear the traditional thing -- gangs, terrorism; but you can't address any of this if you are broke. I think retirement and insurance benefits are the real challenges ahead."

Phil Zmuta, Piscataway, NJ Police Dept.: "Improving GPS technology stands as a challenge to companies that work with criminal justice agencies. In order for this technology to be fully functional, cell companies will need to more accurately pinpoint locations and do so at a quicker rate,. Until that time, law enforcement must struggle with some cell companies that get it -- and some that do not."

A 12-year veteran of police work, Carole Moore has served in patrol, forensics, crime prevention and criminal investigations, and has extensive training in many law enforcement disciplines. She welcomes comments at

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