Cygnus' Innovation Awards Celebrates Technological Advances

The entries were judged on their innovativeness, productivity, quality, contribution, ease of use and maintainability by a panel of six distinguished law enforcement professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Judges noted they were impressed with the...

The winning company was Trimble's Tripod Data Systems Division. The company's Recon X-Series gives users the option of integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless capabilities, and comes with Windows Mobile 5.0.

The finalists in the Corrections Category were:

  • Emsco Group's Albino Rhino,
  • Omnilink's Focalpoint, and
  • CAPS (Corrections Arterial Protection System) from PROTECH Corrections, an Armor Holdings company.

Omnilink won the Innovation Award for what judges called the "good use of multi-system technology for real-time alert monitoring" in its Focalpoint monitoring system.

In the Firearms Category, the finalists were:

  • The MGI Hydra Modular Weapons System,
  • The Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol (GRP), and
  • The Smith & Wesson M&P 40.

The winner in this category was Smith & Wesson's M&P 40. Judges stated, "Smith & Wesson put all of the characteristics of a great duty firearm into a single package" and noted that the "gun's best feature is the adjustable handgrips instead of the standard one-size-fits-all concept."

In the Firearms Accessories Category, the finalists were:

  • Beamshot-Quartron's USA GB8800,
  • Luepold & Stevens 1x14 Tactical Prismatic Riflescope, and
  • U.S. Tactical Supply's Grip Pod.

Judges called the winning product--U.S. Tactical Supply's Grip Pod--"a nice improvement over standard bi-pods. This device provides quick firing stability when you have to get in the prone position, with just a push of a button."

In the Forensics Category, the finalists were:

  • Foster & Freeman's Web site,,
  • Leica Geosystems' Scanstation, and
  • Subrosasoft's MacLock Pick.

Judges said the winning product--Subrosasoft's MacLock Pick--was "a good investigative tool for law enforcement that provided a path to access secure data."

In the Hazmat Category, the finalists were:

  • AMTI Technical Solutions Group for its R500E,
  • Med-Eng Systems' EOD 9A Explosive Ordnance Disposal Helmet, and
  • Morphix Technologies' Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit.

Morphix Technologies' Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit won the Innovation Award. Judges noted the product's usefulness, portability and ease of use will be its strongest points. This system provides users with a quick guide of what type of chemicals they are exposed to and features a rugged design that is needed for use in many different types of environments.

In the Less-Lethal Category, the finalists were:

  • Myers Enterprises' Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with Multi-Cuff Transmitter,
  • TASER Intl.'s Taser Cam, and
  • TigerLight Inc.'s TigerLight Non-Lethal Defense System--Gold Series.

TASER Intl. received the Innovation Award in this category for its Taser Cam, of which judges stated: "Taser has taken a proven system and given law enforcement a tremendous upgrade."

In the Security Category, the finalists were:

  • Cogent Systems Inc. BlueCheck
  • Mobilisa Inc.'s Fugitive Finder / M2500 Defense ID, and
  • The Mustang Survival Rescue Stick.

The Innovation Award went to Mustang Survival for its Rescue Stick, which judges stated is both easy to carry and simple to use.

In the Software Category, the following companies' products were finalists:

  • Advanced Public Safety's QuickTicket,
  • Advanced Public Safety's PocketCitation, and
  • SpeechGear Inc.'s Compadre Instant Translation Suite.

The winner was SpeechGear Inc's Compadre Instant Translation Suite, which judges noted, "Talking about GREAT, this is it. Nothing will get lost in translation, and it generates a transcript, no need for a translator."

In the Surveillance Category, the finalists were:

  • Bullard's TacSight SE35 Camera,
  • CAMERO's XAVER, and
  • Video Domain Technologies' MemoCam D-V58/CELL.

Judges voted CAMERO's XAVER as the winner of the Innovation Award in this category, stating, "Wow, Through-Wall Vision.' We did not think it could get any better. What an aid for undercover operations."

In the Tactical Category, the finalists were:

  • Elmo USA Corp.'s SUV-CAM,
  • Hammerhead Devices' Hammerhead, and
  • The UltraVision UVSS MicroDetector.

Judges called the winning product--UltraVision's UVSS MicroDetector "a neat idea that helps officers see incoming intrusions in a stake-out zone or area that has been cleared, which allows better use of personnel."

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