Qualities of an Effective Recruiter

Are your recruiters trained in sales techniques?

Closing the Deal

It ain't over 'til it's over. No deal is done until you close it. Get the candidate to apply and take the test. Maintain a tickle file or group e-mail list of especially promising candidates, and e-mail or even call them to remind them about the test dates. It's not over at that point. The recruiter should be present at the testing dates, even if civil service handles that. Show you care, keep them motivated. Counsel those who don't pass the test. I also like to sell non sworn positions, such as dispatch or Community Service Officers (aka CSOs or PSTs) to otherwise good candidates.

Learning Sales Techniques

This article just scratches the surface of understanding sales. There are many good books on the market or at your local library, especially any local college library. There are also excellent DVDs on the market. All recruiters should receive this type training. Maybe you can get the local college marketing class to put on a presentation as a class project. I know we all love car salespersons, but if you are on good terms, they usually have a library of sales tapes. Are there other community groups that have persons in the sales field, such as Toastmasters, the Chamber of Commerce, and others that might help? The technique is all the same. It's just like a timeshare presentation!

So, in summary, you should pick your recruiters based on motivation, sales ability, and perhaps diversity. Consider a mix of sworn, former sworn and civilian.

Once selected, your recruiters should be trained in sales techniques; they should seek out expertise including military recruiters, other sales professionals, books, DVDs, and other community sources.

Sales are perhaps the most important part of recruiting and listening is perhaps the important part of sales.

I won't say "good luck," because recruiting is skill, caring, listening, motivation and marketing: good hunting!

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