Innovators Recognized at 2007 Cygnus Awards

The Cygnus Law Enforcement Group hosted an awards reception on Sunday, October 14 for the entrants in their annual Innovation Awards competition. The reception was held at The House of Blues in New Orleans, in conjunction with the 114th Annual Conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Everyone attending the invitation-only event enjoyed food and drink from The House of Blues, and then heard the announcement of the winners of this year's competition. Winners were announced by Ronnie Garrett, Editor-in-Chief of Law Enforcement Technology and Law Enforcement Product News. The awards were then handed out by Susan Freel, Associate Publisher of LET and LEPN, Joel Goron, Publisher of, and Michael George, Publisher of LET and LEPN.

The winners in each category were:



The VIDMIC is a revolutionary data acquisition system which goes everywhere the officer goes and records important information at any time. A full color digital video recorder, still photo camera, and digital audio recorder are all housed in a fully functionaing shoulder mic. Because officers already use shoulder mics, there is no need for them to add additional equipment to their already overburdened utility belts in order to have video and audio recording capabilities.

The award for the VIDMIC was accepted by Paul and Bill Marshal of EHS. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Paul Marshal, Bill Marshal, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.



Omnilink Focalpoint

The Focalpoint solution consists of a single unit device that is 100% waterproof and has the longest battery life in the industry. The device works in the most impaired environments where traditional GPS devices do not work. The solution is very easy to use as there are no special tools required to deploy, and the single unit can be remotely configured on the fly for different degrees of monitoring intensity, ensuring that users can respond to alerts in a timely fashion, ensuring optimum public safety and vital asset protection. Omnilink's precision algorithms provide for the most accurate location information in the industry that does not suffer from the drift issues typical of GPS based solutions.

Omnilink's award was accepted by Curtis Rapp. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Curtis Rapp, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Omnilink GPS Offender Tracking Systems

Firearms Accessories

U.S. Tactical Supply Grip Pod

The Grip Pod System(tm) (GPS(tm)) is a revolutionary new vertical fore-grip integrated with a strong and stable bipod. The Grip Pod's legs deploy at the push of a button--instantly! The GPS(tm) is manufactured from aerospace materials to exceed military specifications for construction and finish. It mounts directly to Picatinny rail systems.
Using the Grip Pod System(tm), an operator can go from a CQB position to a prone, and have a stable base for aimed firing in place before hitting the ground!

U.S. Tactical Supply Grip Pod


Morphix Technologies Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit

Morphix Technologies, an innovator in the field of color change technology, has developed the Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit for the detection of hazardous chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine. The Chameleon is field-configurable chemical detection that provides a low-cost, easy-to-use, hands free, accurate solution for law enforcement personnel and first responders. The rugged design allows for use under harsh environmental conditions including arctic, tropic and desert conditions. The Chameleon can even be immersed in water! Unlike other availiable colorimetric technologies, the Chameleon detects chemical hazards in the air and does not require a liquid sample.

Morphix Technologies


Mustang Survival Rescue Stick

Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick provides rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning. Simply remove the baton-shaped Rescue Stick from its waterproof bag and throw near the person. Once contact is made with the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape keeping them afloat and their head above water until help arrives.

Mustang Survival Rescue Stick


Camero XAVER 800

Camero has developed a first of its kind Through-Wall Imaging system, the Xaver 800. The Xaver 800's unique capabilities allow operatives ranging from first-responders to military personnel to complete life-saving operations while minimizing risk to their own lives during these operations. The Xaver 800 provides intuitive 3D video images of stationary and mobile objects behind walls. Users can now make operational decisions with situation awareness of the environment that they previously could not "see." This situation awareness includes the layout of the room, how many people are present, where they are situated, and what they are doing. The Xaver 800 has innovations in the antenna, transceiver, signal processing & image processing to overcome myriad technology challenges. Xaver 800 uses FCC-compliant Ultra-Wideband RF signals to penetrate wall materials including cement, plaster, brick, reinforced concrete and wood. Ease of use comes from "one button" operation.

Beth Skoll accepted the award on behalf of Camero. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Beth Skoll, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Camero XAVER 800

Traffic Enforcement

Phoenix International Magnum Spike

The Magum Spike prevents chases before they can begin by placing the MagnumClaw! under the tire of a suspect vehicle pulled over for questioning. The pocket-size trio of Magnum spikes placed under a stationary vehicle's tires deflates the tire if the vehicle moves. The spikes are released into the tire from the MagnumClaw! penetrating and deflating the tire, preventing the driver from fleeing and initiating a high-speed chase. The disposable MagnumClaw! will totally deflate the tires helping law enforcement to contain and control what could otherwise turn into a potentially dangerous situation.

Adi Dhondy accepted the award for Phoenix International. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Mr. Dhondy, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Phoenix International Magnum Spike

Uniforms and Body Armor

Point Blank Body Armor Rapid Deployment Armor Bag

According to an equipment reviewer for, "In today's world of Active Shooter/Immediate Response training, every cop should have their long rifle in one of these Rapid Deployment Body Armor Bags. This is the single most innovative piece of equipment I've seen in the past ten years if not longer."

In one piece of equipment, the officer can arrive on the scene of an active shooter and have split-second access to their rifle and pistol ammunition, flex cuffs, and soft armor with optional hard plates for torso, back and lower abdomen protection. The bag also features a flashlight pouch, attachments for a gas mask and medical kit, and police markings. It's everything an officer needs, when they need it.

Michael Foreman and Ken Blakely accepted the award for Point Blank. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Michael Foreman, Ken Blakely, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Point Blank Body Armor Rapid Deployment Armor Bag


T3 Motion T3 Series

The T3 Series is a three-wheel front-wheel drive standup electric personal mobility vehicle. It is designed and developed as a professional tool to address the needs of law enforcement patrol, campus policing, community policing, airports, military base security, mall security, patrolling of parks and beaches, as well as private security and private industry.

The T3 is perfectly suited for enforcement operations in parking lots, parking structures, inside large commercial buildings, around building perimeters, as well as sidewalks and roadways connecting those areas. The elevated platform of the T3 enables the officer to see above parked vehicles in a discrete observation position. The operator can effectively patrol a larger area than an officer on foot or riding a bicycle. The elevated platform of the T3 allows the officer to safely and quickly maneuver in crowded pedestrian areas. The design of the T3 lends itself to interaction between the officer and the public

Jeff Simpson acceopted the award for T3. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Mr. Simpson, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

T3 Motion


SpeechGear Compadre Instant Translation Suite

SpeechGear's Compadre(tm) product suite removes any language barrier between officers and the public for which they serve by instantly translating anything you say, hear, see, read, write or type. The product line was initially developed for the military, and is currently being used in the Middle East and Korea. With the new product release, Compadre is now available to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Compadre can be used in the squad car to provide officers with the ability to easily communicate, either verbally or written, with individuals who do not speak English. Likewise, at the headquarters and dispatch locations, the software enables multi-lingual communications without the need for an interpreter. Independent testing, evaluation and field-trials have validated Compadre's innovative approach to removing the language barrier and ease-of-use. For example, the Advisory Council of the National Institute of Justice stated, "This technology is excellent, versatile and well designed;" and the Marine Corps evaluation report states, "In my view as a trained linguist, this is a quantum leap in technology. The ability to translate free speech is incredible (something I personally did not see happening for many years, if ever). This product is a crown jewel of machine translation."

Robert Palmquist accepted the award for SpeechGear. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Mr. Palmquist, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

SpeechGear Compadre Instant Translation Suite


UltraVision MicroDetector

The MicroDetector(tm) from UltraVision is an innovative portable motion detection system designed to increase the personal safety of police officers, military personnel, and others involved in tactical field situations. Weighing only 8 oz., MicroDetector is a small, battery operated sensor that creates a spherical detection field of up to 25 feet. The Sensor may be placed or thrown to a desired location and motion may be detected even through light walls or when MicroDetector is buried under a few inches of soil. Detected motion is reported wirelessly to a receiver which can be interfaced to a hand held PDA, laptop or police radio. The receiver can monitor an unlimited number of MicroDetectors and the receiver monitors the status of every Sensor during operational exercises. Each Sensor is encased in a durable, water resistant housing with four Sensors to a case that also doubles as the battery charger. Battery life is 24 hours continuous, 48 hours using Power-Save Mode.

UltraVision MicroDetector


Advanced Interactive Systems QuickRange

Each QuickRange is a self contained two-lane shooting range in a bulletproof module. It comes complete with shooting stalls, target-retrieval systems, bullet traps, lightning and HVAC system. QuickRange is available in 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, and 120-foot lengths and is customizable for added style and convenience. Designed for expansion, the QuickRange is configurable to meet your requirements. Best of all, with QuickRange, everything is ready to go, right out of the box. We deliver it and you use it...Just like that. No major construction of difficult preparations.

Ron Enneking, Executive Vice President of AIS, accepted the award. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Mr. Enneking, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Advanced Interactive Systems QuickRange

Vehicle Accessories

Protective Products International Ford Ballistic Door Panels

Specifically developed for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, the Ballistic Door Panels offer a level of protection that is unmatched in the industry. The panels are certified to stop all NIJ level 3A handgun rounds and most NIJ level 3 rifle rounds. Shoot tested at 16 feet and rigorously tested for multi-hit protection, the panels are designed to provide cover during real life on-duty encounters. The panels can be ordered as a standard Ford option and are installed by Ford at the Factory. Ballistic panels can also be ordered as an aftermarket product from Protective Products International. As the door panels come with a six year ballistic warranty and can be easily switched between Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, a single set of panels will typically meet the departmental usage demands of two Crown Victorias.

Protective Products International Ford Ballistic Door Panels


Smith & Wesson M&P 40

For durability, the M&P features a Zytel polymer frame reinforced with a rigid stainless steel chassis and a through-hardened Black Melonite stainless steel barrel and slide, giving the pistol a surface hard enough to sharpen a steel blade. Along with a new-age trigger system featuring a smooth 6.4 lb trigger pull and an advanced ergonomic design that features an 18-degree grip angle for natural aiming, the M&P has a combination of features that provides reduced felt recoil resulting in unparalleled shootability. The M&P pistol incorporates a number of unique features: three easily interchangable palmswell grip sizes for various hand sizes, an ambidextrous slide slope, reversible magazine catch and an enlarged trigger guard to accommodate gloved hands. With a Picatinny-style equipment rail incorporated for tactical lights and lasers, dovetail mount front sights, steel Novak Lo-mount carry rear sights (or Tritium sights), the M&P has it all, yet weighs ony 24.25 ounces.

Brian James accepted the award for Smith & Wesson. Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Mr. James, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.

Smith & Wesson M&P 40


Subrosasoft MacLock Pick

MacLockPick is a live forensics tool for extracting passwords, Internet history, and system settings from a suspect's Mac OS X computer.

MacLockPick is an indispensable tool for law enforcement professionals to perform live forensics on Mac OS X systems. The easy-to-use solution is based on a USB flash drive that can be inserted into a suspect's Mac OS X computer that is running (or sleeping). Once the MacLockPick software is run it will extract data from the Apple Keychain and system settings to provide the examiner fast access to the suspect's critical information with as little interaction or trace as possible.

A database of the suspect's information is compiled on the flash drive to allow for easy transportation away from the suspect's system. This database can be read by the included log readers on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X computers back at base.

Subrosasoft MacLock Pick


TASER International TASER CAM

The TASER CAM offers increased accountability--not just for officers, but for the communities they serve. Until now, it's been the officer's word against the suspect's word. With the innovative TASER CAM, the truth is undeniable by providing an MPEG 4 recording of every potential TASER X26 deployment--even in zero light conditions. An IACP study found that when video of an incident was available, the video exonerated officers of allegations 96% of the time.

TASER CAM installs in seconds by simply replacing any TASER X26 digital power magazine (DPM) and requires no tools. The TASER CAM activates whenever the safety is in the off position allowing officers to capture vital information prior to, during and after the potential deployment of a TASER X26 device. The recording is downloaded to a computer via a USB cable and saved in a searchable library. The TASER CAM recorder is an optional upgrade compatible with all TASER X26 devices and provides a proactive layer of accountability to support officers' reports.

TASER International TASER CAM

Door Prize

All those that attended the awards reception were eligible for a door prize drawing for air travel round trip anywhere in the continental United States., The winner of the drawing was Erica Reynoso from 5.11 Tactical.

Shown left to right are Joel Goron, Publisher of, Ms. Reynoso, and Michael George, Publisher of Law Enforcement Product News.