2007 Innovation Awards Finalists

The judges of the Cygnus Law Enforcement Group 2007 Innovation Awards had a tough job deciding who would receive the trophies. Here is a complete list of the finalists. The first entry in each category was the award winner.





  • Communications Category

    • EHS Inc

      Description:The VIDMIC is a revolutionary data acquisition system which goes everywhere the officer goes and records important information at any time. A full color digital video recorder, still photo camera, and digital audio recorder are all housed in a fully functioning shoulder mic. Because officers already use shoulder mics, there is no need for them to add additional equipment to their already overburdened utility belts in order to have video and audio recording capabilities.
      The contributions of video technologies to successful police work are well documented. In-car video has been shown to reduce frivolous lawsuits and increase the likelihood of successful prosecution. At the same time, video enhances officer safety, training, performance, and professionalism. Video reduces time spent writing reports and protects officers from false allegations.
      But in-car video can't go with the officer up to the door, inside an apartment, down the narrow alley or into a backyard. It can't prove the officer had permission to search a house, had probable cause to do a sobriety test, and did, in fact, Mirandize a subject. For all the outstanding advatages of in-car video, the VIDMIC will provide even greater, far reaching benefits for officers and police work.
    • PVP Communications Inc,
      Motor-One Wireless

      Description: PVP Communications' newest line of Motor-One Wireless Helmet Systems offer a "no-wires" connection between the officer and his motorcycle, giving motor officers unparalleled safety and convenience. Utilizing the most advanced wireless technology available today, the Motor-One System provides a reliable encrypted wireless link between rider and bike, eliminating the need to plug and unplug from the motorcycle. The system can be easily reset in seconds to connect to a spare or different motor. Helmet communications include a waterproof, noise-canceling microphone for clear communications, even at high speeds and in loud environments.
    • SureFire LLC
      SWAT Combat Radio Comm System

      Description: The SWAT Combat Radio Comm System by EarPro, SureFire LLC's audio products division, directs radio communications clear and covert, while supplying hearing protection and enhancement with digital compression technology. EarPro SWAT Ears are waterproof, resist sweat, sand, and dust, and their hypoallergenic earpieces provide all-day comfort and a secure fit. Its low-profile design allows wearing under a hat, helmet, supplemental muffs or while using a telephone. The SWAT Combat Radio Comm System's wire kit is also made of the highest quality materials and built to stand up to the rigors of extreme conditions.
  • Computers Category

    • Trimble, Tripod Data Systems Division
      Recon-X Series

      Description: Trimble Recon X-Series handeld computer is a perfect tool for law enforcement. It gives users the option of integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless capabilities -- ideal for mobile ticketing -- and it comes with Windows Mobile® 5.0, the latest version of Microsoft's software for handheld devices.
      The new Recon handheld computer includes two models: The Recon 200X features a 200 MHz Intel XScale processor and 128 MB of Flash memory; the Recon 400X features a 400 MHz processor and 256 MB of Flash memory. It also includes a built-in microphone, redesigned keypad and an improved color touchscreen.
      Along with being high tech, the Recon X-Series is tough enough for law enforcement: it meets the MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. It also has an IP67 rating, meaning it's impervious to water and dust. The X-Series retains the Recon's two CompactFlash (CF) slots, allowing users to add GPS, digital cameras, bar-code scanners and other devices.
      The Recon's Windows Mobile 5.0 software includes several new features that improve efficiency and reliability. Comprehensive persistent storage saves all programs and data to nonvolatile Flash memory; this eliminates the need for a RAM file system or system backups.
    • General Dynamics Itronix (GD-Itronix)
      GoBook XR-I Notebook

      Description: The GoBook XR-1 combines rugged features with high-performance computing, comprehensive wireless capabilities and unmatched security features designed to perform in mobile outdoor environments. Able to withstand being transported in and out of vehicles regularly and harsh conditions such as snow or rain, cold or heat, the XR-1's integrated wireless capabilities enable access to critical information in real-time, and also facilitates efficiency and improves public safety.
    • Black Diamond Advanced Technology
      SwitchBack PC

      Description: The SwitchBack-PC brings the power of the desktop to a portable, rugged, handheld solution weighing just three pounds. The SwitchBack can withstand extreme Shock and vibration, moisture, heat and cold. The SwitchBack has all the features of a rugged tablet PCs, but it's smaller, more powerful and it has a custom defined "BackPack" module to the computer. Agencies can customize modules to include a barcode scanner, digital camera, biometric fingerprint reader, breathalyzer and the ability to issue and print tickets on the scene.
  • Corrections Category

    • Omnilink

      Description: Omnilink's Focalpoint provides accurate, reliable, and efficient information to effectively control, manage, and protect people and valuable assets when it matters. The Focalpoint solution consists of a single unit device that is 100% waterproof and has the longest battery life in the industry. The device works in the most impaired environments where traditional GPS devices do not work. The solution is very easy to use as there are no special tools required to deploy, and the single unit can be remotely configured on the fly for different degrees of monitoring intensity, ensuring that users can respond to alerts in a timely fashion, ensuring optimum public safety and vital asset protection. Omnilink's precision algorithms provide for the most accurate location information in the industry that does not suffer from the drift issues typical of GPS based solutions.
      Omnilink's Focalpoint application provides an industry-first mobile zone capability that makes it possible to create a safety zone around the person through the use of commercial cell phones, and be able to detect if an offender is within proximity of this person, anywhere the person is at anytime.
    • PROTECH Corrections/ Armor Holdings
      CAPS (Corrections Arterial Protection System)

      Description: PROTECH Corrections' CAPS (Corrections Arterial Protection System) helps to reduce arterial access and counter violent attacks with upper thigh and interior leg protection attaching to most tactical belts. Designed by and for seasoned corrections officers, CAPS is the next step in maximum body protection. CAPS is available in basic Cordura, and can be upgraded with PROTECH Corrections' innovative SuperFabric.
    • Emsco Group
      Albino Rhino Bucket

      Description: The clear Albino Rhino durable, unbreakable inmate-safe bucket allows corrections officers to view the bucket and undercarriage contents without obstruction. The albino rhino bucket has a 100 percent metal free wringer with no moving parts, designed to meet the safety standards set by the corrections professional. The Albino Rhino also features a splash guard in the front and back of the bucket, perfect drip dry system, needs minimal storage space and requires no assembly.
    • Firearms Category

      • Smith & Wesson
        M&P 40

        Description: For durability, the M&P features a Zytel polymer frame reinforced with a rigid stainless steel chassis and a through-hardened Black Melonite stainless steel barrel and slide, giving the pistol a surface hard enough to sharpen a steel blade. Along with a new-age trigger system featuring a smooth 6.4 lb trigger pull and an advanced ergonomic design that features an 18-degree grip angle for natural aiming, the M&P has a combination of features that provides reduced felt recoil resulting in unparalleled shootability. The M&P pistol incorporates a number of unique features: three easily interchangeable palmswell grip sizes for various hand sizes, and ambidextrous slide slope, reversible magazine catch and an enlarged trigger guard to accommodate gloved hands. With a Picatinny-style equipment rail incorporated for tactical lights and lasers, dovetail mount front sights, steel Novak Lo-mount carry rear sights (or Tritium sights), the M&P has it all, yet weighs only 24.25 ounces.
      • MGI
        Hydra Modular Weapons System

        Description: MGI offers a modular weapon system, the Hydra Carbine. Constructed on the M16/M14 platform, it features a patented quick-change barrel system (QCB). Its modular lower receiver, when coupled with the QCB, enables an officer to quickly choose whatever caliber is needed in a given tactical situation. The platform has change-out magazine wells. One can accommodate 5.56 mm and Beowulf .50. The other 7.62 by 39mm, may also be used with 6.5 Grendel, 3.08 NATO and 6.8mm SPC. MGI envisions using 10 calibers on the same platform, including such calibers as 9mm .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Without tools, the carbine can be switched to Beowulf .50 to penetrate body armor, or employ the system as a sniper asset by switching to a Grendel 6.5.
      • Nighthawk Custom
        Global Response Pistol (GRP)

        Description: The new Nighthawk Custom Global Response Pistol (GRP) features Nighthawk Custom's Perma Kote finish, impervious to salt water corrosion, while retaining inherent self-lubricity from the coating itself. Reducing the attraction and retention of dirt and particles, the GRP requires little lubrication to retain peak performance. Each GRP features a slide stop machined from a solid steel forging for toughness and durability. The stop's axle is trimmed down flush with the frame to eliminate the possibility of jams caused by pressing against the slide stop under stress. Nighthawk Custom also chamfered the frame around the axle for cleaning and maintenance. Nighthawk Custom's GRP uses a crisp, no-creep trigger set at just under four pounds partnered with a solid steel 5-inch match grade barrel.
    • Firearms Accessories Category

      • U.S. Tactical Supply
        Grip Pod

        Description: The Grip Pod System(tm) (GPS(tm)) is a revolutionary new vertical fore-grip integrated with a strong and stable bipod. The Grip Pod's legs deploy at the push of a button--instantly! The GPS(tm) is manufactured from aerospace materials to exceed military specifications for construction and finish. It mounts directly to Picatinny rail systems.
        Using the Grip Pod System(tm), an operator can go from a CQB position to a prone, and have a stable base for aimed firing in place before hitting the ground!
        The GPS(tm) is currently in worldwide use with select Special Forces units including: U.S. Navy SEALS and EOD, U.S. Army, U.S. Army Special Forces and Designated Marksmen, Secret Security, USMC, U.S. SOCOM, FBI HRT, state and federal law enforcement.
      • Leupold & Stevens
        1x14 Tactical Prismatic Riflescope

        Description: The Leupold 1x14mm Tactical Prismatic riflescope is designed to be simple and accurate to use. The user is not required to change focus from the target to the circle dot reticle, allowing targeting faster with reliable accuracy. The glass-etched reticle of the scope is always visible and can be used with or without battery-powered illumination. The Mark 4 Tactical Prismatic has the thickest maintube of any Leupold ever built at 30mm. Other features include a wide field of view and 1/2-MOA click adjustments.
      • Beamshot- Quarton USA

        Description: Beamshot introduces its universal rail mounted laser sight/flashlight system for tactical handguns offering reliable illumination (85 Lumens) as well as an integrated green beam laser sight for true daylight visible laser sight operations. Features include the Luxeon 3W LED light and daylight visible green laser sight unit, independent pressure cable switch for laser and ambidextrous momentary and constant on/off switch for light, a quick attach/detach weapon rail mounting system, approximate 8 hours continuous laser use or 45 minutes flashlight use, glass laser lens beam focus for accurate target acquisition, linear windage and elevation adjustments and an operating temperature range between 50 F to 104 F(10 C to 40 C).
    • Forensics Category

      • Subrosasoft MacLock Pick

        Description: MacLockPick is a live forensics tool for extracting passwords, Internet history, and system settings from a suspect's Mac OS X computer.
        MacLockPick is an indispensable tool for law enforcement professionals to perform live forensics on Mac OS X systems. The easy-to-use solution is based on a USB flash drive that can be inserted into a suspect's Mac OS X computer that is running (or sleeping). Once the MacLockPick software is run it will extract data from the Apple Keychain and system settings to provide the examiner fast access to the suspect's critical information with as little interaction or trace as possible.
        A database of the suspect's information is compiled on the flash drive to allow for easy transportation away from the suspect's system. This database can be read by the included log readers on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X computers back at base.
        The following is a list of file items that can be extracted using SubRosaSoft's MacLockPick:
        • Apple Keychain passwords such as user password, Internet login password, wifi, AppleShare, and more.
        • Files and Folder details such as creation modification, and the most recently accessed dates, recently accessed disk images, pictures, movies, applications and documents.
        • Instant Messaging details such as password for iChat and complete buddy list - including buddies who have since been deleted.
        • E-mail account details such as login names and server addresses used, address book, and the date and time of opened attachments.
        • Web History and Preferences such as current and cached bookmarks, recently searched strings, cookies, and browsing history.
        • Hardware Preferences such as serial numbers of connected iPods, hardware address of recently connected bluetooth devices, listings for wi-fi base stations, and MAC address for each integrated network interface on the suspect's machine.
        • Leica Geosystems

          Description: The ScanStation 3D laser scanning system from Leica Geosystems allows investigators to digitize and map a scene exactly how the first responder encountered it. The ScanStation sets up quickly indoors or outside and measures thousands of measurements per second to create a rich, detailed, 3D "point cloud." Features include a large field-of-view, high accuracy, long range, a scripting tool allowing users to define where detailed scans of evidence are required and a dual-axis compensator. 2D scene diagrams can be quickly created or complete 3D visualizations for compelling jury exhibits. Using Leica's free point cloud viewing software, point clouds can easily be shared with other investigators and prosecutors, even over the internet.
        • Foster & Freeman

          Description: Crimeshoe.com is an online identification service for shoe prints recovered from crime scenes. Crimeshoe.com offers a straightforward solution: submit recovered images via the Web site. There's no specific hardware or software to purchase, no need to learn how to code and search, and no long-term commitment to use the service. Analysts will search Foster & Freeman's footwear database, SoleMate, and provide a report identifying manufacturer, model and images of any shoes that match the shoe print, normally completed within 24 hours of submission. Crimeshoe.com offers law enforcement an efficient and timely way to add a powerful extra capability without incurring additional staffing overheads.
      • HAZMAT/WMD Category

        • Morphix Technologies
          Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit

          Description: "Meth labs", used to make the illegal drug methamphetamine, turn up in houses, motel rooms, trailers and even motor vehicles, largely due to the fact that the chemicals needed to produce methamphetamine are easily accessible and may be purchased legally. However, according to to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, "many of the contaminants used in meth labs can be harmful if people are exposed. Health problems may include breathing problems or respiratory irritation, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. High exposures, even for a short time, can cause death or severe lung damage and skin or throat burns."
          Morphix Technologies, an innovator in the field of color change technology, has developed the Chameleon Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit for the detection of hazardous chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine. The Chameleon is field-configurable chemical detection that provides a low-cost, easy-to-use, hands free, accurate solution for law enforcement personnel and first responders. The rugged design allows for use under harsh environmental conditions including arctic, tropic and desert conditions. The Chameleon can even be immersed in water! Unlike other availiable colorimetric technologies, the Chameleon detects chemical hazards in the air and does not require a liquid sample.
        • Med-Eng Systems Inc.
          EOD 9A Explosive Ordnance Disposal Helmet

          Description: The EOD 9A EMC Class A Helmet for Explosive Ordnance Disposal / Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (EOD/IEDD, or bomb disposal) operations shields its on-board support systems to prevent unwanted electromagnetic activity from interfering with the operator's ability to carry out their task. The helmet also conforms to both the Defense Standard 59-41 and Military Standard 461E (MILSTD) integrating with all Med-Eng EOD Suits. The durability of the EOD 9A is inherent in its optimal protection against blast overpressure, fragmentation, impact and heat. Usability features of the EOD 9A include a wrist-mounted remote control, interchangeable visors, on-board power, an Environmental Awareness System and a blower system.
        • AMTI Technical Solutions Group

          Description: Military, law enforcement and homeland security personnel have asked for a robot that could be used for multiple purposes, yet be priced for mass distribution and affordability to most budgets. The 16 inch high and 22 inch long Seeker Series R-500E Robot by AMTI Technical Solutions Group provides a reconnaissance capability for first responders, law enforcement, and industrial plant and homeland security applications. Using infrared, the R-500E can see day and night with an audio feedback to the operator, an 8-hour battery charge with a 1,000 foot operation range. Providing high quality optics and a dual camera user viewing configuration, the pan and tilt and fixed view camera gives operators the feeling of actually being in the "driver's seat."
      • Less-Lethal Category

        • TASER International
          TASER CAM

          Description: TASER International has added another layer of accountability with our revolutionary TASER CAM(tm) system which provides audio/visual MPEG 4 video of any TASER® X26 activation.
          The TASER CAM offers increased accountability - not just for officers, but for the communities they serve. Until now, it's been the officer's word against the suspect's word. With the innovative TASER CAM, the truth is undeniable by providing an MPEG 4 recording of every potential TASER X26 deployment -- even in zero light conditions. An IACP study found that when video of an incident was available, the video exonerated officers of allegations 96% of the time.
          TASER CAM installs in seconds by simply replacing any TASER X26 digital power magazine (DPM) and requires no tools. The TASER CAM activates whenever the safety is in the off position allowing officers to capture vital information prior to, during and after the potential deployment of a TASER X26 device. The recording is downloaded to a computer via a USB cable and saved in a searchable library. The TASER CAM recorder is an optional upgrade compatible with all TASER X26 devices and provides a proactive layer of accountability to support officers' reports.
          TASER CAM: "The Truth is Undeniable."
        • TigerLight Inc.
          TigerLight Non-Lethal Defense System -- Gold Series

          Description: The TigerLight Non-lethal Defense System has a 500 lumens light with sprays ranging from self-defense to first aid. Fitted with an optional end cap designed to make the chamber water tight, the TigerLight is adaptable to many first responder activities. All internal and external contacts are gold plated for corrosion resistance. The lamp module and battery are highly resistant to impact due to the TigerLight's impact dampening system surrounding the lamp module with rubber. A smart fast charging system is capable of fast charging the NiMH battery pack in 2 hours. Attachable options include the IR filter lens and rail holster system.
        • Myers Enterprises
          Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with multi-cuff transmitter

          Description: Myers Enterprises, Inc. introduces it's wireless Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus along with the Multi-Cuff Transmitter. Along with the convenience of using just one transmitter. The Magnum Plus fires at one intensity, then increases the power as it is continuously fired. The Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with Multi-Cuff Transmitter comes with 100 yard range, accidental firing avoidance system, water proof, impact resistant, is rechargeable, lightweight, rapidly deployable and locks on wrist or ankle using the standard handcuff key, plus additional capabilities and features not found on other models. The Multi-Cuff Transmitter with new advanced technology can control up to 9 Stun-Cuff Magnum's Plus with one transmitter, firing each Stun-Cuff individually, or firing all 9 Stun-Cuffs simultaneously.
      • Security Category

        • Mustang Survival
          Rescue Stick

          Description: Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick provides rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning. Simply remove the baton-shaped Rescue Stick from its waterproof bag and throw near the person. Once contact is made with the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape keeping them afloat and their head above water until help arrives.
          The Rescue Stick is an invaluable tool to provide rapid flotation for emergency response and rescue professionals arriving first on the scene. During a water rescue it can be thrown to the victim to keep them afloat.
          • Can be thrown accurately 100 feet or further
          • Automatically inflates in seconds when immersed in water providing rapid emergency floatation
          • Offers 35 lb. of buoyancy- twice the flotation of a typical life jacket
          • Easy to repack and reuse--insert a new bobbin and screw in the replacement handle containing the CO2 cylinder
          • Store in a waterproof bag
          • Compact and weighs about 1lb.--it is easily stowed and is accessible when needed
          • Extremely easy to use--anyone who can throw a stick can use it
          • Mobilisa Inc.
            Fugitive Finder/ M2500 DEFENSE ID

            Description: DEFENSE ID is an ID verification system checking against over 140 databases to validate a person's identification. DEFENSE ID is a ruggedized handheld device withstanding being dropped, severe cold or hot temperatures and has a battery span of over 8 hours with a photo capturing capability. Training is simple and fast with officers using the system within minutes; integration of the system can be rolled out within a day to support both anti-terrorism and law enforcement needs. DEFENSE ID improves security for our Nation on our military bases and for our law enforcement officers, with limitless potential in the commercial arena.
          • Cogent Systems Inc.

            Description: Cogent's BlueCheck is a field-proven mobile identification product providing law enforcement with the broadest range of configuration options. For data management, agencies can use COTS mobile computing devices in combination with Cogent MobileID software. The subject's fingerprints are captured and then securely transferred wirelessly from BlueCheck via Bluetooth to the officer's PDA or notebook computer, where it is prepared for submission to an AFIS for fingerprint identification.
        • Software Category

          • SpeechGear
            Compadre Instant Translation Suite

            Description: SpeechGear's Compadre(tm) product suite removes any language barrier between officers and the public for which they serve by instantly translating anything you say, hear, see, read, write or type. The product line was initially developed for the military, and is currently being used in the Middle East and Korea. With the new product release, Compadre is now available to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Compadre can be used in the squad car to provide officers with the ability to easily communicate, either verbally or written, with individuals who do not speak English. Likewise, at the headquarters and dispatch locations, the software enables multi-lingual communications without the need for an interpreter. Independent testing, evaluation and field-trials have validated Compadre's innovative approach to removing the language barrier and ease-of-use. For example, the Advisory Council of the National Institute of Justice stated, "This technology is excellent, versatile and well designed;" and the Marine Corps evaluation report states, "In my view as a trained linguist, this is a quantum leap in technology. The ability to translate free speech is incredible (something I personally did not see happening for many years, if ever). This product is a crown jewel of machine translation."
          • Advanced Public Safety

            Description: APS' QuickTicket reduces electronic ticketing system is designed to work with an agency's existing or newly acquired mobile data system. It populates an agency's current citation/ticketing form (or newly designed form) with the data returned from the NCIC or Motor Vehicle queries. It automatically adds the information provided on a driver's license, the appropriate statute number with a drop down menu, fine amount and court information on the ticket. QuickTicket not only reduces the time spent in issuing a moving or traffic violation, it improves the accuracy of the citation/ticket and makes it possible for officers to spend more time patrolling and less time completing paperwork.
          • Advanced Public Safety

            Description: Handheld devices utilizing APS' electronic ticketing system, PocketCitation solution, enables officers to issue a ticket/citation in 6 to 10 clicks. PocketCitation allows officers greater mobility and less time at road-side traffic stops. Using embedded intelligence, the software automatically populates the appropriate statute number, fine amount and court information -- along with a state-issued citation number. APS customizes the software to match the exact process flow to meet the requirements of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Agencies can select from handheld device models, ranging from consumer to extremely rugged devices. Using a wireless Bluetooth connection to a thermal or laser-jet printer, PocketCitation has the ability to connect to a back-end database system and transfer data.
        • Surveillance Category

          • CAMERO
            XAVER 800

            Description: Camero has developed a first of its kind Through-Wall Imaging system, the Xaver 800. The Xaver 800's unique capabilities allow operatives ranging from first-responders to military personnel to complete life-saving operations while minimizing risk to their own lives during these operations. The Xaver 800 provides intuitive 3D video images of stationary and mobile objects behind walls. Users can now make operational decisions with situation awareness of the environment that they previously could not "see." This situation awareness includes the layout of the room, how many people are present, where they are situated, and what they are doing. The Xaver 800 has innovations in the antenna, transceiver, signal processing & image processing to overcome myriad technology challenges. Xaver 800 uses FCC-compliant Ultra-Wideband RF signals to penetrate wall materials including cement, plaster, brick, reinforced concrete and wood. Ease of use comes from "one button" operation.
            Camero began delivering Xaver 800 systems Feb 1, 2007 to leading military and law enforcement customers worldwide for evaluation, field testing and deployment. The product is designed to MIL-STD-810 for durability. High reliability is achieved through a combination of design standards and the absence of any internal moving parts.
          • Video Domain Technologies
            MemoCam D-V58/CELL

            Description: D-V58/CELL is a stand-alone, miniature DVR integrating Cellular Technology, Sleep Mode and Advanced Video Motion Detection (VMD). It has been designed to operate without electricity or telephone lines and draws only 10mA in sleep mode with minimal maintenance. Cellular Technology enables notification to cellphones via SMS and e-mail with image attachment upon intrusion detection. Image encryption enables secure transmission of information. You can communicate with the unit for management & control purposes via SMS message commands: arm, disarm, configure and find out status of unit. VMD enables you to define area/s of interest within the camera frame.
          • Bullard
            TacSight SE35 Camera

            Description: The Bullard waterproof thermal imaging camera, the TacSight SE35, imager enables law enforcement to see heat signatures of objects, people and other sources by detecting small differences in temperature so that officers can distinguish people from immediate surroundings. Requiring no light to operate, the Bullard TacSight SE35 generates high-quality images, even through smoke and fog. Utilizing the latest in thermal imaging technology, the TacSight features a 4x digital zoom, becoming a long-range nighttime surveillance tool with manual focus allowing resolution at 18 inches. Incorporating the ability to switch from a "white hot" to a "black hot" image, the Bullard TacSight SE35 illuminates details that might otherwise be overlooked. Display dimming allows display to be dimmed or turned off to prevent detection.
        • Tactical Category

          • UltraVision

            Description: The MicroDetector(tm) from UltraVision is an innovative portable motion detection system designed to increase the personal safety of police officers, military personnel, and others involved in tactical field situations. Weighing only 8 oz., MicroDetector is a small, battery operated sensor that creates a spherical detection field of up to 25 feet. The Sensor may be placed or thrown to a desired location and motion may be detected even through light walls or when MicroDetector is buried under a few inches of soil. Detected motion is reported wirelessly to a receiver which can be interfaced to a hand held PDA, laptop or police radio. The receiver can monitor an unlimited number of MicroDetectors and the receiver monitors the status of every Sensor during operational exercises. Each Sensor is encased in a durable, water resistant housing with four Sensors to a case that also doubles as the battery charger. Battery life is 24 hours continuous, 48 hours using Power-Save Mode.
          • Hammerhead Devices LLC

            Description: The Hammerhead is a rapid-entry tool designed by a police officer while on drug raids in Houston, Texas. The Hammerhead maximizes pulling force when timing is critical. Seeing it's potential for saving lives in a house fire, firefighters tested the tool with great results, and gave glowing recommendations to their departments to purchase. Unlike some pullers or rams, this tool is less likely to generate sparks, so it can be used in low-oxygen atmospheres, such as heavy smoke. Weighing only 35 pounds, it is ready for immediate use and requires almost no training.
          • Elmo USA Corp.

            Description: The ELMO USA SUV-CAM pocket-sized video and audio recording system utilizes solid state recording media combining ELMO microcamera technology, an MPEG4 digital recorder and a built-in color TFT 2.2-inch LCD monitor. The compact camera head (3.3 inches long by .7 inches in diameter) and recorder/monitor body (3.54 inches by 2.2 inches by .9 inches) and 0.6-pound weight make it usable as a handheld or body-worn surveillance, evidence-gathering and school bus security device. Law enforcement and security personnel can operate the unit while on foot patrol, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, or in a vehicle.
        • Traffic Enforcement Category

          • Phoenix International/ Magnum Spike

            Description: This new product was developed at the request of end users. It prevents chases before they can begin by placing the MagnumClaw! under the tire of a suspect vehicle pulled over for questioning. The pocket-size trio of Magnum spikes placed under a stationary vehicle's tires deflates the tire if the vehicle moves. The spikes are released into the tire from the MagnumClaw! penetrating and deflating the tire, preventing the driver from fleeing and initiating a high-speed chase. The disposable MagnumClaw! will totally deflate the tires helping law enforcement to contain and control what could otherwise turn into a potentially dangerous situation.
          • Phoenix International/ Magnum Spike
            UMS- Shear Pin Design

            Description: The Ultimate MagnumSpike! has all the same exceptional features found on the original MagnumSpike! In addition, it incorporates a patented pin-shear design that facilitates the smooth, friction-free release of spikes into the tire. The pins hold the suspended spikes firmly in place releasing only those spikes that are run over thereby preventing loss of additional spikes from the system, making the system even more user friendly.
          • TMS Medical Technologies
            Light for Life Signs

            Description: TMS Medical Technologies offers traffic control signs using ultra bright LEDs to spell out the word STOP or SLOW to capture the attention of approaching traffic. Powered via 4 D Cells or AC or DC power, the signs can be seen from over a mile away during night and low-visibility conditions and are ideal for accident scenes, construction areas, DUI stops and seat belt stops. Unable to get washed out by backlighting, Light for Life Signs are available in 24 inch and 18-inch sign configurations flashing STOP or SLOW on each side. These durable signs meet MUTCD Specifications and are constructed using high grade reflective materials and conventional coloring. Able to be hand operated or freestanding, the sign, stand and pole are designed to collapse for easily storage and transport.
        • Training Category

          • Advanced Interactive Systems

            Description: QuickRange is a complete, pre-engineered, prefabricated shooting range that can be delivered to your location ready to use. QuickRange eliminates the problems associated with building a traditional brick & mortar shooting range. It is the ideal solution for Military, law enforcement firearm training requirements, and gun enthusiasts everywhere.
            Each QuickRange in a self contained two-lane shooting range in a bulletproof module. It comes complete with shooting stalls, target-retrieval systems, bullet traps, lightning and HVAC system. QuickRange is available in 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, and 120-foot lengths and is customizable for added style and convenience. Designed for expansion, the QuickRange is configurable to meet your requirements. Best of all, with QuickRange, everything is ready to go, right out of the box. We deliver it and you use it.. Just like that. No major construction of difficult preparations.
            QuickRange is handcrafted to the highest specifications and delivered fully assembled. Because of its customizable size, you can put it almost anywhere. All safety noise reduction and air-quality requirements are met and exceeded in every QuickRange, through the use of anechoic foam and EPA/OSHA compliant HVAC systems with HEPA filtration. Safe, comfortable, reliable and quiet, are right on target in every model. No problems, no surprises.
          • VisioNetx

            Description: Designed expressly to meet the needs of the law enforcement community for applications involved with the ye tests associated with the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) as well as Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) evaluations. Using enhanced video technology, coupled with infrared illumination, VisioNetx's HawkEye allows for the observation and documentation of all of the eye signs associated with these test procedures. Capabilities include wireless audio and storing the information on DVD, HawkEye is easy to use and maintain and adds to officer safety by providing for the "dark pupil" evaluation without the need to perform this test in a dark room.
          • DriveTeam Inc.
            Skid System

            Description: The SkidCar, SkidVan and Skid truck offer the possibility of realistic training in the proper dynamics of vehicle control without high speeds, expense and risk. The SkidVehicles teach controlled driving techniques for use at all vehicle speeds and under all road conditions. Skid equipment provides a realistic, high-stress experience. The hydraulic controls allow an instructor to instantly drop the vehicle to full pavement contact. This gives the student the very real sensation of impact risk and near-misses without the reality of danger. The SkidCar offers immediate feedback to errors, spins like a top when driven incorrectly or instantly recovers from a near-miss experience.
        • Uniforms Category

          • Point Blank Body Armor
            Rapid Deployment Armor Bag

            Description: According to an equipment reviewer for Officer.com, "In today's world of Active Shooter/Immediate Response training, every cop should have their long rifle in one of these Rapid Deployment Body Armor Bags. This is the single most innovative piece of equipment I've seen in the past ten years if not longer."
            This patent pending product instantly converts from a multi-purpose weapon carrying case to a tactical body armor vest with up to NIJ Level IV protection.
            In one piece of equipment, the officer can arrive on the scene of an active shooter and have split-second access to their rifle and pistol ammunition, flex cuffs, and soft armor with optional hard plates for torso, back and lower abdomen protection. The bag also features a flashlight pouch, attachments for a gas mask and medical kit, and police markings. It's everything an officer needs, when they need it.
            As simple as unzipping a bag, as easy as wearing your ballistic vest.
            The RDAB is constructed from exceptionally strong 1000 denier Cordura, for long lasting durability.
            The Rapid Deployment Armor Bag is as reliable and dependable as the men and women who wear it.
          • 5.11 Tactical
            ZB-7 Trauma Pad

            Description: When used in conjunction with body armor, the trauma pad significantly reduces backface deformation and decreases overall energy transmission to the body. The pad contains Zoombang, an advanced, visco-elastic polymer that instantly reacts to outside forces. The polymer in 5.11's ZB-7 Trauma Pad responds in direct proportion to the force applied, offers support and cushioning at rest, is lightweight, flexes with the body and doesn't melt, freeze or deteriorate with temperature variations. The Trauma Pad itself offers no stand-alone ballistic protection and must be worn with Level 2 or 3A body armor, is available with or without adhesive backing and can be worn with 5.11's Trauma Pad Carrier Shirt.
          • Bullet50
            Six Shooter

            Description: The carpenter styled "Six Shooter Pant" is a carry conceal pant designed for police officers working plain clothes, under cover assignments or off duty wear. The 12.5oz denim Six Shooter pant has 3 built in concealment pockets for gun, 2 built-in mag pouches, rear handcuff pockets, utility pockets for cell phones, pens and notebooks, a Hammer loop designed to carry SL20 type flashlight, is available in four colors and in a tactical short. All clothing is tested by police officers on the street in real-time combative arrest environments, in patrol cars, in buy/bust operations and high-risk entries. Accessibility to ammo, and handcuff pocket were tested for placement and comfort. The inner pocket was tested for off-duty use, comfort and concealment.
        • Vehicle Accessories Category

          • Protective Products International/Ford
            Ford Ballistic Door Panels

            Description: At Protective Products International we have made it our mission to provide innovative products dedicated to ensuring the safety of law enforcement professionals. Together with Ford Motor Company we have developed a product that will ultimately save lives. We are proud to offer America's first Ford factory installed Covert Ballistic Door Panel.
            Specifically developed for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, our Ballistic Door Panels offer a level of protection that is unmatched in the industry. The panels are certified to stop all NIJ level 3A handgun rounds and most NIJ level 3 rifle rounds. Shoot tested at 16 feet and rigorously tested for multi-hit protection, our panels are designed to provide cover during real life on-duty encounters. Our panels can be ordered as a standard Ford option and are installed by Ford at the Factory. Ballistic panels can also be ordered as an aftermarket product from Protective Products International. As the door panels come with a six year ballistic warranty and can be easily switched between Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, a single set of panels will typically meet the departmental usage demands of two Crown Victoria's Six Years of product development has culminated in the creation of a product committed to officer safety.
          • Pelican Products, Inc.
            Pelican 9450 Remote Area Lighting System

            Description: Built to go off-road where trucks and vehicles can't, the 9450 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) is a rapid deploying, emergency area light, self-contained inside a Pelican 1510 Protector Case. Its detachable bank of 16 1-watt LEDs can generate up to 1280 lumens of clean, brilliant light. Assembling in minutes, the 9450 RALS features a multi-angle 8-foot telescoping light tower. Featuring a removable diffuser filter, the 9450 RALS can give off enough light to cover an entire crime scene or a high-powered spot beam. The 9450 RALS is powered by a 17-hour rechargeable battery that offers up to 9 hours of peak light and takes a mere 6 hours for a full charge. Additionally, the system sports an auxiliary socket delivering an emergency charge to any device (such as a cell phone or laptop) with a 12 volt power adapter.
          • Go Rhino! Public Safety Division
            Sliding Trunk Tray

            Description: Go Rhino! Trunk Trays offer ease of installation with top quality construction. Trunk Trays come in standard and full width sizes. With over 900 square inches of workable space on the full width tray, there is plenty of area for mounting a variety of electronic equipment. The Trunk Trays extend and retract with the help of gas shocks for ease of use. The Trays slide on ball bearing tracks offering a stable platform in extension while a positive locking latch prevents the tray from moving under heavy acceleration. Optional mounting boxes further simplify installation of electronic equipment. Trunk Trays are made from heavy duty 12 gauge steel with a textured powder coat finish for durability available for 1998-07 Ford Crown Victoria.
        • Vehicles Category

          • T3 Motion
            T3 Series

            Description: The T3 Series is a three-wheel front-wheel drive standup electric personal mobility vehicle. It is designed and developed as a professional tool to address the needs of law enforcement patrol, campus policing, community policing, airports, military base security, mall security, patrolling of parks and beaches, as well as private security and private industry.
            The zero gas emission electric motor costs only pennies a day to operate.
            The T3 utilizes high-intensity LED lighting for its vertically-adjustable headlights, taillights, and emergency lights.
            The T3 enables the operator to respond to calls for service rapidly with low physical exertion. The elevated riding platform allows 360-degree visibility while the ergonomic riding position reduces fatigue. The T3 provides a stable ride on a variety of surfaces and the zero-degree turning radius makes it highly-maneuverable. Simple and intuitive to drive, it is agile yet stable at both low and high speeds up to 25 miles per hour
            The T3 has user-replaceable power modules allowing continuous operation without re-charging down time. The T3 comes standard with a lockable storage compartment for equipment.
            The T3 is perfectly suited for enforcement operations in parking lots, parking structures, inside large commercial buildings, around building perimeters, as well as sidewalks and roadways connecting those areas. The elevated platform of the T3 enables the officer to see above parked vehicles in a discrete observation position. The operator can effectively patrol a larger area than an officer on foot or riding a bicycle. The elevated platform of the T3 allows the officer to safely and quickly maneuver in crowded pedestrian areas. The design of the T3 lends itself to interaction between the officer and the public
          • Supreme Corporation
            Mobile Armored Device (MAD)

            Description: The enhanced Mobile Armored Device (MAD) from Supreme Armored elevates law enforcement tactical response to a higher level immediately after arriving at the scene. Designed to enter a building through door openings and sized for elevator use at 64 inches long by 30 ¼ inches wide and 63 inches high, MAD provides the protection and counter fire capability needed in hostile firefight and hostage situations. The MAD offers visibility in all directions and has three gun ports for complete counter fire coverage. Standard specifications include armoring level NIJ Level III, ¼-inch MIL-A-46100 ballistic grade steel, interior locking side door, three gun ports, 24 volt electric motor to power hydraulic drive wheels, swivel front wheels with "hands free" dual foot pedal control for 360-degree spin capability, padded seat and painted semi gloss black.
          • Segway
            Segway x2

            Description: The Segway x2's deeply treaded, all-terrain tires can master intimidating patches of dirt, gravel, grass, or sand. A special adaptation of Segway Inc.'s dynamic stabilization technology and a wider track maximize stability, while the x2's higher ground clearance ensures that steep hills, uneven trails, and errant rocks won't impede your ride. It can travel up to 12 miles/19 km on a single charge, and when you want to transport your x2 to an off-pavement destination, oversized handles make it easy to hoist it in or out of a vehicle.